Lincoln Electric Introduces New Weld-PAK 180i MP Welder

Lincoln Electric Introduces New Weld-PAK 180i MP Welder

Lincoln’s new Weld-Pak 180i MP DV delivers 180 amps in a portable package, for an easy and affordable welding experience.

Lincoln Electric announced it is now offering through retail channels a powerful new welding machine that is made for both pros and DIYers.

Lincoln’s new Weld-Pak 180i MP DV delivers 180 amps in a portable package, for an easy and affordable welding experience. While this rugged, multi-process, dual voltage welder was designed for welding professionals, it is easy enough for anyone to use, regardless of skill level.

The new welder is ideal for a variety of applications including auto body shops, farm and ranch, maintenance, light construction, metal fabrication and home use. The welder can handle metals up to 1⁄2-inch thick and performs MIG, flux-cored, stick, DC TIG and aluminum welding.

“Until now, 180-amp, multi-process welding machines were expensive and not available at retailers,” said Tim Keller, vice president, WCTA, Lincoln Electric. “But now, professionals and DIYers can access a powerful and versatile welding machine by heading to their home improvement store.”

Although it packs a lot of power, the portable Weld-PAK 180i weighs only 34.5 lbs., making it easy to move around the shop or take to a job site. The 180i offers simplicity with its intuitive user interface and push-button control that makes switching from one process to another easy. When using the 180i for TIG welding, the machine senses when a foot pedal is connected and switches automatically to TIG mode.

“One of the biggest advantages is that you can set up the machine to weld within 10 minutes of taking it out of the box,” said Keller. “Just add the wire or electrodes (sold separately) and you are ready to go. Plus, it’s field-proven, rugged and dependable, which our customers have come to expect from Lincoln Electric.”

The new model offers another important advantage: lower energy usage thanks to inverter technology. The Weld-Pak 180i also includes all the equipment needed for MIG, flux-cored or stick welding. Consumables are sold separately, and TIG and aluminum welding require additional accessories.

The dual-voltage capability gives the flexibility to weld wherever AC power is available. The welder comes with a 230-volt to 120-volt adapter, which makes it easy to switch to the desired voltage.

For more information on Weld-PAK 180i MP DV, click here.

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