LKQ's SMART Brand Expands Assortment of Body Fillers, Putties and Glazes

LKQ’s SMART Brand Expands Assortment of Body Fillers, Putties and Glazes

With the continued mindset of offering premium products at an affordable price, LKQ has announced the expanded footprint of Smart Advanced fillers, putties and glazes now available at participating LKQ locations.

The LKQ Product Marketing Team knows it is critical to be precise about the types of tools, products and equipment you use to get the job done, and to effectively get it done right. Every technician prefers different attributes from their body filler of choice including performance, finish and properties. This is why there are four different levels of quality, performance and build capabilities. No matter the technician’s preference in performance, SMART Advanced Fillers have it covered.

To start, the Smart Body Filler options now include five types of fillers ranging in performance from ultra to unique to accommodate your refinish needs. Each body filler has more specific qualities for the different jobs approached:

  • Ultra-Premium Body Filler (SBF5100): This advanced, easy sanding filler is specially designed for repairing panel damage, is fine enough to be used for small imperfections and sands easily to an ultra-smooth finish. Available in one size (0.8Gal/3L).
  • Gold Premium Body Filler (SBF5192): With a smooth, creamy formula for this lightweight filler, it is easier to work with, spread and sand. It also has a versatile, non-sagging formula combined with superior filling properties and excellent DTM adhesion. Available in one size (0.8Gal/3L).
  • Performance Grip Body Filler (SBF5182): This body filler is ideal for medium to deep repairs and has non-sag properties, allowing for great control on vertical surfaces. Available in one size (0.8Gal/3L).
  • Pro-Lite Body Filler (SBF5191): Offering great filling properties with a smooth and creamy consistency and easy sanding capabilities, all at an affordable price. Available in one size (0.8Gal/3L).
  • Pro-Glass Body Filler (SBF5195 & SBF5196): This filler conveniently takes the place of both short and long strand products. It spreads like a short strand, yet bridges holes like a long strand. Its lightweight formula can be easily shaped and sanded once cured. Available in two sizes (1Qt/1L or 0.8Gal/3L).

In addition to this line of body fillers, Smart has also enhanced the putty and glaze offerings with 1K Kombi Putty included in the mix too:

  • Ultra-Premium Skim Glaze (SBF5130): An advanced lightweight finishing glaze, specially formulated to repair surface scratches and small imperfections. It is self-leveling, and its drying formulation sands to an ultra-smooth and fine finish. Available in one size (30oz/880mL).
  • Gold Premium Glaze (SBF5199): Improve cycle time with this maximum performance finishing glaze. Its advanced resin formulation and self-leveling qualities make the surface easy to sand while being pinhole free and shrink resistant. Available in one size (30oz/880mL).
  • Performance Pourable Putty (SBF5193): A premium polyester finishing and blending putty designed for filling minor imperfections and low spots on painted surfaces, body work, bare and galvanized steel, and aluminum. Available in one size (30oz/880mL).
  • 1K Kombi Putty (SBF210): A convenient and ready to use 1K finishing putty which requires no hardener. The acrylic putty has excellent adhesion, is quick drying and easy to use. Available in one size (7.05oz/200g).

These products are available at your nearest participating LKQ branch. If you want to learn more or try out any of the Smart Advanced Body Fillers, Glazes and/or Putties, contact your local LKQ refinish sales or tech rep or reach out to the LKQ team of experts at (866) 557-2677. To view the Smart Product catalog, click here.

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