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Looney for Toon Cars


When my favorite childhood cartoon, Jem and the Holograms, was released on DVD, I realized that I’d forgotten one important thing about this classic – Jem’s cool convertible, the Rockin’ Roadster. But Jem isn’t the only ‘toon with a cool car. Take this quiz to see which cartoon car suits you best.

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1. My dream car will give me:
a) the ability to fly.
b) the ability to transport holograms of
c) the ability to blend in with my
d) really toned calf muscles.

2.My dream car is:
a) red.
b) flashy colors, like hot pink and neon yellow.
c) light blue like the sky or pea green, like the
vomit in The Exorcist.
d) a drab color, like brown or canvas.

3. I work:
a) for a midget.
b) as a record exec/rock star.
c) to stop cleverly disguised bad guys.
d) at a plant.


4.When it comes to my ride, I want it:
a) to get me to work on time. And if possible,
to drown out the sound of my teenage
b) decked out with lots of gadgets, like one
that detects dangerous bad guys or
transforms me into other people.
c) to make a quick getaway from the spooky
mansion/creepy carnival.
d) barer than Janet’s chest at the Super Bowl.

5. When it comes to food in the car, I:
a) don’t allow it. I’m too high-strung. But I
will stop for fast food, like space age burg-
ers (emphasis on fast because I wouldn’t
want to be late for work).
b) don’t have time to eat. I have photo shoots,
TV appearances and a movie deal. I nourish
myself with rockin’ guitar riffs.
c) have a never-ending supply of dog treats
and unbelievably large sandwiches.
d) only allow food large enough to overturn
my car.


6. The only clothing appropriate to drive in is:
a) business casual attire.
b) something pink or off-the-shoulder.
Preferably both.
c) a tight white top and tight jeans, to accent
my toned body.
d) a pelt.

7.My passengers are:
a) my family.
b) my band.
c) a hot chick, a smart chick, a talking dog
and a paranoid guy who’s suspiciously hun-
gry … What is that I smell coming from the
back of my vehicle?
d) Cro Magnon.

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