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Maintenance Tips: Frame Machines

Car-O-Liner, Chief Automotive, CJJ and Wedge Clamp offer step-by-step instructions on caring for your machine.


1. Lubricate all bushings and bearings where accessible.

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2. Keep machine clean by removing all dirt and debris around the work area.

3. Always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations as outlined in the owner’s manual.

4. Regularly check for damaged electrical or hydraulic lines.

5. Oil the pump so that everything inside it stays lubricated. If this is not done, the pump will dry out and not last as long.

6. Regularly inspect the hydraulic pumps and rams in the pulling towers. If you use wedges for fastening, you’ll reduce stripped nuts and bolt replacement costs.

Information courtesy of Car-O-Liner, Chief Automotive Technologies, CJJ, Inc. and Wedge Clamp.

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