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Market Profile: Overcoming Market Challenges

From dealing with insurer steering to getting on DRPs to trying to make a profit on current DRPs, shop owners are struggling to overcome market challenges.


“My major challenge in the next year will be trying to survive while insurance companies steer work to their two or three DRP shops,” says a respondent to BodyShop Business‘ 2001 Industry Profile, who plans to face this challenge “by doing a better job educating the public about their right to choose.”

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Dealing with steering – along with getting on DRPs or making a profit on current DRPs – are the top two challenges mentioned by this year’s respondents. But not everyone had yet formulated a strategy for dealing with such challenges. Take this respondent for example. He doesn’t yet have a grand plan, but he does, at least, have his sense of humor.

“Making a profit on DRPs and attracting qualified techs is what I’m up against,” says the respondent. His plan to overcome them: “Creativity and Excedrin?”

If you’re interested in learning about other challenges respondents are facing, how shop sales were last year, how respondents are marketing their shops, where current business is coming from – and much more – you’re in the right place.


Major challenges respondents said their business will face n the next year and how they plan to overcome them include:



  • “Making a profit with Allstate’s DRP.”


  • “Competing with DRP shops and insurer steering

“Do better quality work.”

  • “Finding time and techs to keep up with demand.”

“Remain open more hours; recruit from tech colleges.”

  • “Insurers demanding we give discounts or bypassing shop altogether.”

“Keep stressing we also need to make a profit.”

  • “Getting more DRPs; staying busy even with increased competition.”

“More aggressive ads and getting the jobs on estimates I write.”

  • “Competing with shops that undercut and perform poor repairs.”

“Consumer awareness; better advertising.”

How many respondents would sell their shops to a conslidator if the price were right? To find out click here!

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