Matco Tools Launches RAPASSIST Tool Powered by Opus IVS

Matco Tools Launches RAPASSIST Tool Powered by Opus IVS

New four-way device helps shops keep business in-house through on-demand access to OE-trained master techs.

Matco Tools has announced the launch of RAPASSIST, a remote diagnostic and programming support multi-tool, through its continued partnership with Opus IVS, formerly known as Drew Technologies.

The new RAPASSIST provides automotive repair shops with four diagnostic and programming support benefits in a unique “multi-tool” platform:

  • IVS 360 Live Expert Support
  • RAP – Remote Assist Programming
  • DIY programming through a CarDAQ-J2534 pass thru interface
  • Printable OE vehicle scan reports

The new RAPASSIST utilizes the Opus IVS remote team of support specialists to allow shops to quickly and accurately diagnose and/or program vehicles. Through IVS 360 Live Expert Support, customers get on-demand access to 100-plus OE-brand specific Master Technicians, enabling them to expand their vehicle brand coverage and avoid subletting work.

“Across the country, automotive repair shop owners and technicians tell our distributors that staying current with vehicle diagnostics is one of their biggest challenges,” said Hilda Shipcka, vice president of Marketing and eBusiness at Matco Tools. “The new RAPASSIST gives them the confidence and expertise to take on more complex vehicle repairs by accessing a remote platform of OE-trained Master Techs ready to help them through the toughest repairs for all major U.S. domestic, Asian and European vehicles.”

RAPASSIST users connect with IVS 360 Master Techs to analyze diagnostic data parameters, review OEM service procedures and program vehicle control modules directly through the tool.

“Our live repair guidance and remote programming experts give customers what they need to perform complex repairs on high-tech vehicles,” said Brian Herron, president of Opus IVS. “We are excited to further enhance our line-up with Matco Tools to help lead the repair industry into the future of diagnosing, calibrating and programming advanced vehicles.”

Added Matco Tools Diagnostic Programs Manager Eric Pagliughi, “The hallmark of the new RAPASSIST is its extreme utility. We tend to think of it like a diagnostic Swiss army knife. RAPASSIST allows shop owners to keep more business in-house with the confidence needed to tackle repairs quickly and efficiently on today’s complex vehicles.”

To learn more about the RAPASSIST, click here.

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