Matrix Automotive Finishes Debuts New Packaging
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Matrix Automotive Finishes Debuts New Packaging

New design aimed at productivity, accuracy and user experience.


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Matrix Automotive Finishes, a Valspar Automotive brand, has redesigned the packaging of its entire product line. This redesign is in effort to create design synergy and improve the customer’s experience with the brand – guiding Matrix users in the mixing and application process. Labels on the brand’s toners, basecoats, clearcoats, undercoats and ancillaries, as well as its FX Series of colors, showcase an updated logo and label design color-coded by product category.

Toner labels ensure product information remains visible when mixing lids are utilized, and a tinting icon is included to impact productivity and accuracy of mixes.


New packaging on Matrix products is expected to be available at jobbers and warehouse distributors in the U.S. in the spring.

“Matrix was a game-changer in the refinish industry over three decades ago. As the brand evolves, the labels reflect a balance of heritage with our vision for the future,” said Laura Yerkey, director of marketing, Valspar Automotive. According to Yerkey, the redesign of the labels was directed from a painter’s perspective. “Our focus was to improve the user experience, accuracy and mixing process.”

The design of the new packaging was also color-driven. The label features a prominent, horizontal Matrix logo on a black background with product categories identified via a ribbon of color; blue represents clearcoats, while red is for primers, gray highlights ancillary items and all FX Series products are marked with a bright green ribbon.


Toners and additives feature a spectral ribbon on a white background along with a design that accommodates mixing lids.

“We’ve made the part number bigger, bolder and placed it in two locations on the can to account for the mixing lid which often times obstructs important toner information,” said Hermon Ferrell, global brand manager.

The part number can be found on the left and right sides of the can.

In addition to increased visibility of the toner’s part number and description, the new packaging features a tinting icon strategically placed in the center of the label just below the mixing lid – “again for easy viewing when you’re at the scale,” says Ferrell.


The tinting icon includes face, purity, color direction and the direction of the flop, whether light and dark.

Following the introduction of the new label designs in the marketplace, customers will be able to purchase the brand’s coast-to-coast compliant mixing system. Valspar Automotive announced the upcoming availability of the Matrix C2C Mixing System at the SEMA Show last year in November at the Las Vegas Convention Center; it will include the brand’s three-tiered basecoat system, 61 liquid toners and the al a carte of special colors from its FX Series in half-quart cans.

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