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Mercedes-Benz Approves Elektron Resistance Spot Welder for Vehicle Repairs

MULTISPOT MI-100control T resistance spot welder with C-pliers (model MTC-6000) approved for use in performing approved spot welding on vehicles around the world.

Mercedes-Benz has approved Elektron’s MULTISPOT MI-100control T resistance spot welder with C-pliers (model MTC-6000) for use in performing approved spot welding on its vehicles around the world.

The approval comes as part of the OEM’s comprehensive re-evaluation and testing of its partners’ equipment. All approved workshop equipment is listed in Mercedes-Benz’s updated GSP Online Technics Information System (GOTIS).
The MI-100control T is designed for work on modern high-strength steels like Boron, USIBOR, TRIP, TWIP and XIP. It features Elektron’s new TrueAutoMode system, which automates the welding process to virtually eliminate operator input. TrueAutoMode automatically detects which electrodes and arms are being used, instead of relying on an operator to enter the information manually. TrueAutoMode measures weld resistance approximately 1,000 times per second and automatically adjusts current level, weld time and clamp pressure as needed for changes in material composition and thickness or interference factors. TrueAutoMode provides instant feedback to the technician if there is a bad weld and can log every weld.
“With the MI-100control T, technicians know they are getting a good weld, even with varying surface conditions,” said Bob Holland, director of collision in North and South America for Elektron parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “TrueAutoMode ensures uniform weld quality from start to finish, so a vehicle can be returned to manufacturer specifications. That’s why OEMs like Mercedes-Benz approve it for use on their vehicles. In fact, more OEMs worldwide have tested and approved Elektron welders than any other brand. That means our customers know Elektron equipment has been proven to work as expected.”
The MULTISPOT MI-100control T features the industry’s lightest transformer pliers and longest lightweight cables, making it easy for technicians to work on hard-to-reach areas. The welder has an electrode squeeze pressure of more than 900 psi for forging strong welds.

More information:
Watch a video about the MULTISPOT MI-100control T here.

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