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Dupli-Color® offers a complete premium line of paint, primer and specialty aerosol products. Exclusively formulated and designed for body shop applications to produce professional results.

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Dupli-Color’s® Professional Acrylic Enamels deliver the ultimate in protection, high gloss and color retention. High-solids formula ensures maximum coverage and performance. Acrylic Enamels dry to the touch in 15 minutes and handle in one hour. Ideal for spot metal applications and trim projects. Can also be used on wood, metal, plaster, masonry, drywall and glass.

Dupli-Color® Professional Lacquer is a fast-drying premium quality formula that provides quick coverage, weatherability and adhesion. Perfect for automotive trim and detail projects giving a rich, glossy finish every time. Also can be used on metal or wood surfaces, tools, vehicles, motors and all other automotive trim projects.


Dupli-Color® offers a wide range of specialized automotive professional primers-Primer Sealer, Flexible Primer, Weld-Through/Cold Galvanized Primer and Self Etching Primer. Premium primer technology that meets today’s body shop needs. These primers have been tested to ensure reliable results for the special application they are designed to cover making surfacing and priming faster and easier.

Dupli-Color® Professional Specialty Products offer a variety of aerosol products, Edging Clear, Glass Cleaner, Trim Paint and Adhesion Promoter, perfect for many automotive applications.

Dupli-Color’s® latest innovation is the MIRAGE™ Paint System. The first and only, color changing paint in aerosol form. Formulated to create multi-colored effects from all angles. As the light source and viewing angle changes, the color appears to change. The easy-to-apply, three-step system, the base coat, mid-coat, and topcoat work together to create dramatic color effects in a durable, high gloss finish.


The three step system starts with MIRAGE™ Lacquer Base Coat. Exclusively formulated to provide an even black lacquer base coat, the smooth finish creates the desired color “shifting” effect. The second step, MIRAGE™ Mid-Coat Color is a high quality acrylic lacquer that changes color depending on light, angle and surface contour. The last step, MIRAGE™ Topcoat Clear provides protection and shine.

MIRAGE™ works on any application where dramatic color changes are desired including cars, trucks, bikes, RC cars, helmets and skateboards.

The Dupli-Color® premium line of paint, professional primer products and the new MIRAGE™ all come with either the EZ Touch® or the EZ Touch Fanspray® Nozzle to give professional results.

The two Danvern nozzles the EZ Touch® Nozzle and the EZ Touch® Fanspray® Nozzle provide superior coverage and control. The EZ Touch® Nozzle with a conical spray is perfect for all engine and high heat applications. The EZ Touch® Fanspray®
Nozzle is designed like a professional spray gun. The Nozzle’s unique design releases a fan shaped spray for faster more uniform coverage. While other sprays drip and run, the EZ Touch® Fanspray Nozzle delivers smooth, even coverage.

Dupli-Color Products Group, a Division of Sherwin Williams, is the leading manufacturer of top-quality aerosol, touch-up, general purpose and automotive specialty products. The company is a leading supplier, providing exact-match paints and innovative coatings since 1938.

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