New BendPak Lift Comes with Eight Expandable Arms

New BendPak Lift Comes with Eight Expandable Arms

Take a walk with Sean Price, director of sales operations at Bendpak, to see the demonstration of Bendpak's Octoflex Series concept lift.

BendPak is showcasing the Octa-Flex Series, a new concept in vehicle lift technology. The lift, equipped with eight arms, will still work as a traditional two-post lift. Demonstrating its versatility, BendPak Director of Sales Operations Sean Price starts by stowing away the arms, revealing the familiar functionality of a two-post lift.

Price shows off the primary lifting arms, highlighting technology inherited from BendPak’s AP series introduced at the 2023 NADA Show. These arms feature triple telescoping, ensuring they are longer and more adaptable than any other lift arm on the market. The triple telescoping design makes lifting easier at various points on vehicles, offering both symmetrical and asymmetrical lifting options.

Another feature that makes the arms stand out is their ability to nest down to a short length, allowing for easy maneuvering around vehicles. This is particularly useful for asymmetric lifting, Price noted. The inclusion of 360-degree locking arms ensures stability during operation, providing peace of mind for users.

The Octa-Flex Series comes with BendPak’s low-profile pads as standard. By removing the traditional gusset, the arms are even more streamlined, enhancing functionality and compatibility with a wider range of vehicles.

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