New Metalux Platinum Primer Delivers Performance

New METALUX Platinum Primer Delivers Performance

With a high-build, ChemSpec USA's new METALUX 9155 2K Platinum Filler Primer is ideal for automotive refinishing and new body work.

ChemSpec USA has announced the introduction of its new METALUX 9155 2K Platinum Filler Primer. With a high-build, this two-pack premium primer filler (surfacer) is ideal for automotive refinishing and new body work. It offers fast dry times and excellent sanding characteristics while delivering a stable substrate for all refinishing essentials.

Customers say they love METALUX 9155 2K Platinum Filler Primer for its outstanding adhesion and durability. Featuring easy sanding and quick drying times, along with good color holdout and minimal shrinkage, this primer offers universal appeal to shops using the METALUX System. Available in one gallon cans.

For more information, call (800) 328-4892, email [email protected] or visit Or stop by ChemSpec’s SEMA booth no. 10677.

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