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New PPG and Nexa Autocolor Products Receive Chrysler Approval


Chrysler has approved, for North America, a new line of low-VOC PPG and Nexa Autocolor clears, primers and sealers for use on its vehicles. Each product was subjected to Chrysler’s wide-ranging tests and evaluations to make certain it could meet the company’s particularly high quality standards for warranty repairs. The products have all been developed expressly for use with PPG’s previously approved Envirobase High Performance or Nexa Autocolor Aquabase Plus waterborne basecoats.

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Chrysler’s approval encompasses PPG’s EC700 series of clears, ECP10 series of primers and ECS20/ECS60 series of sealers. The Nexa Autocolor series of P190-6759/6790 clears, P565-314x/212x sealers and P565-540x primers have also been approved. EC700 series and Nexa Autocolor P190-6759/6790 are characterized as “one-visit clears,” eliminating the need for long flash times between coats. This feature reduces cycle times without compromising the quality and appearance high-production shops require, according to PPG.

“We are happy to place these PPG products on Chrysler’s approved list,” said Doug Beuke, PPG product manager. “We have worked with Chrysler for years, and the development of high-quality, low-VOC coatings that reduce negative environmental impact is something Chrysler appreciates.”


Chrysler also approved PPG’s D8113 matte clearcoat. While other clears use flattening agents to achieve low gloss, D8113 was specifically created in a matte finish to address growing OEM trends, PPG says.

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