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New Revolution Lift Lease Helps Shop Owners Upgrade Equipment Affordably


Revolution Lift has announced a special leasing program that makes it possible to buy a new ALI-certified vehicle lift for as little as $69 per month. Freight and installation are extra. The program is available from Rotary Lift distributors now through Aug. 31.

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"With U.S. consumers holding onto their cars and trucks longer than ever, demand for service from independent repair facilities will continue to grow. This growth could mean big revenues for shops that are properly equipped to handle increased business," says John Rylee, director of marketing. "Our new Revolution Lift lease special helps shop owners buy the high-quality vehicle lifts they need to build their businesses, even if they don’t have cash available."

The Revolution Lift leasing program enables shop owners to spread their payments over time and preserve their existing bank lines of credit. The leases are offered with low fixed rates and a $1 buyout purchase option.
Three- and five-year term leases are available for Revolution Lift’s full line of two-post, four-post and specialty lifts. Available models include the RTP9 (9,000 lb. capacity), RTP10 (10,000 lb. capacity) and RTP12 (12,000 lb. capacity) ALI-certified two-post lifts; RFP9 (9,000 lb. capacity) and RFP14 (14,000 lb. capacity) ALI-certified four-post lifts; RMR6 (6,000 lb. capacity) mid-rise lift and the RXLDT motorcycle lift.
"Through the leasing program, shop owners can also afford to upgrade to higher capacity lifts than they may have otherwise been able to afford," Rylee said. "For just a dollar or two more per month, they can step up from the Revolution RTP9 9,000 lb. capacity two-post lift to the 10,000 lb. capacity RTP10 model."


The Revolution Lift leasing program also may help shop owners take advantage of the Section 179 federal tax deduction this year. The deduction allows shops to write off the entire purchase price of capital equipment like vehicle lifts that they purchase or lease this year on their 2010 federal tax returns, rather than spreading the deduction over five years. Shop owners should consult their tax advisors for details.

More information:
To learn more about leasing options for Revolution lifts, contact your local Rotary Lift distributor, visit or call (800) 604-3359.

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