New Video on Finish 1 System of Refinish Products Now Available

New Video on Finish 1 System of Refinish Products Now Available

Video on YouTube shows features of the system and a testimonial from a body shop user.

A new video on the Finish 1 system of refinish products has been posted on YouTube, showing features of the system and a testimonial from a body shop user.

“When it comes to quality paint products, you often want the best results possible for the least amount possible,” the caption for the video reads. “Look no further than the Finish 1 Automotive Refinish system. These products provide consistent results, easy application, and great profit per job.”

The Finish 1 system of refinish products include VOC-compliant surface cleaners, undercoats, factory-packaged acrylic enamel single-stage colors and a complete portfolio of clearcoats. With most products featuring a 4:1 mix ratio, the Finish 1 system makes life simple.

Finish 1 products are positively classed and available to buy through each NAPA Distribution Center. For more information regarding Martin Senour training or its paint products, visit or call (800) 526-6704.

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