Americans Want Self-Driving Cars for Cheaper Insurance
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No. 1 Reason Americans Want Self-Driving Cars: Cheap Insurance

Boston Group study indicates Americans want self-driving cars because they will save them money, not because they will save lots of time or ease their commute.


Americans want self-driving cars, but not because they will save lots of time or ease their commutes – because they will save them money, Wired magazine reported.

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Of the 1,500 U.S. drivers the Boston Group surveyed in September, 55 percent said they “likely” or “very likely” would buy a semi-autonomous car (one capable of handling some, but not all, highway and urban traffic). What’s more, 44 percent said they would, in 10 years, buy a fully autonomous vehicle.

What’s most surprising about the survey, Wired stated, isn’t that so many people are interested in this technology but why they’re interested.

The leading reason people are considering semi-autonomous vehicles isn’t greater safety, improved fuel efficiency or increased productivity – the upsides most frequently associated with the technology. Such things were a factor, but the biggest appeal is lower insurance costs. Safety was the leading reason people were interested in a fully autonomous ride, with cheaper insurance costs in second place. (Reasons not to want a robo-ride included fear of hacking, distrust of the technology and good old love of driving).


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