Nominations Open for 2022 SEMA Hall of Fame

Nominations Open for 2022 SEMA Hall of Fame

Induction to the Hall of Fame is the most prestigious award presented to an individual by the association and honors the pioneers who have contributed to the growth of the automotive aftermarket over a long period of time.

Nominations for the 2022 SEMA Hall of Fame class are now open at

Induction to the Hall of Fame is the most prestigious award presented to an individual by the association and honors the pioneers who have contributed to the growth of the automotive aftermarket over a long period of time.

“Our industry is fueled by nothing short of passionate and hard-working individuals,” said Nathan Ridnouer, vice president of Councils and Membership for SEMA. “The SEMA Hall of Fame honors those whom without, our industry would not be what it is today. Our industry’s input in the selection process is an invaluable asset to the association in identifying deserving hall of fame inductees.”

Since its inception in 1969, 165 individuals have been inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame, including:

  • Agosta, Matt (Steele Rubber Products)
  • Airheart, Bob (Bob Airheart Sales)
  • Alderson, Don (Muldoon Engineering)
  • Amato, Joe (Keystone Automotive Warehouse)
  • Appelgate, Brian (B&M Racing & Performance)
  • Arias Jr., Nick (Arias Pistons)
  • Arkus-Duntov, Zora (Chevorlet Motor Division)
  • Ayres, Joel (Automtoive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation)
  • Babcox, Tom (Babcox Publications)
  • Baney, Lou (SEMA)
  • Barnett, Don (Speed Warehouse)
  • Barris, George (Barris Kustom Industries)
  • Barsamian, Rich (Advanced Clutch Technology Inc.)
  • Bartlett, John (Grant Piston Rings)
  • Baskerville, Gray (Hot Rod Magazine)
  • Belond, Sandy (Belond Mufflers)
  • Bingham, Jim (Winners Circle Speed & Custom Inc.)
  • Black, Keith (Keith Black Racing Engines)
  • Bleiweis, Raymond (Rocket Industries)
  • Blum, Charles R. (SEMA)
  • Bobins, Chuck (CB Sales)
  • Bolio, Steve (Scafidi-Bolio & Associates)
  • Borick, Louis (Superior Industries)
  • Borré, Dan (Keith Black Performance Inc.)
  • Borré, Jim (Manik Motors)
  • Brock, Ray (Petersen Publishing)
  • Brothers, Paul “Scooter” (Competition Cams, Inc.)
  • Brown, Ray (Superior Industries)
  • Cahill, Robert (Chrysler Corp., Mopar Division)
  • Campbell, Ben, Nighthorse (Senator)
  • Card, Charley (Honest Charley’s)
  • Carleton, GiGi (Robert E. Petersen Foundation)
  • Cepek, Dick (Dick Cepek Inc.)
  • Chandler, Bob (Bigfoot 4×4 Inc.)
  • Chapouris, Pete (SO-CAL Speed Shop)
  • Chrisman, Art (Chrisman’s Auto Rod Specialist – CARS)
  • Coddington, Boyd (Boyds Wheels)
  • Coker, Corky (Coker Tires)
  • Coleman, Ron (Competition Cams)
  • Cook, Bob (Book Cook Sales)
  • Cornelison, Nile (Direct Communications Inc.)
  • Cozzie, Jim (Brenton Productions Inc.)
  • Crane, Harvey J. (Crane Cams)
  • Crower, Bruce (Crower Cams)
  • Day, Dick (Petersen Publishing Co.)
  • Deane, Russ (SEMA General Counsel)
  • Deist, Jim (Deist Safety Equipment)
  • Diamond, Murray (Plasticolor Molded Products)
  • Douglass, Howard (Douglass Mufflers)
  • Eatherly, Donnie (P&E Distributors Inc.)
  • Economaki, Chris (National Speed Sport News)
  • Edelbrock Jr., Vic (Edelbrock Corp.)
  • Edelbrock Sr., Vic (Edelbrock Corp.)
  • Elliott, Ed (Elliott-McMullen Advertising)
  • Elliott, George (Argus Publishers)
  • Evans, Doug (Bonnier Corporation)
  • Faulk, Amy (Hypertech Inc.)
  • Fishel, Herb (The Business of Motorsports)
  • Foose, Chip (Foose Design)
  • Foote, George (Karbelt Speed & Custom)
  • Foulger, Donna Imrie (SEMA)
  • France Sr., Bill (NASCAR)
  • Funfar, Run (Hedman Manufacturing)
  • Gage, Dennis (MadStache Inc.)
  • Gaines, John (G&M Performance Parts)
  • Garlits, Don (Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing)
  • Garner, Willie (Trans-Dapt)
  • Giampetroni, Angelo (Ford Motor Company)
  • Goldberg, Harvey (Goldberg Marketing Inc.)
  • Goldstein, Jack (Jack Goldstein & Associates)
  • Granatelli, Andy (Consultant)
  • Grant, Eric
  • Halibrand, Ted (Halibrand Engineering)
  • Harman, Kenny (Harman Collins Inc.)
  • Harris, Jack (Rush Sales)
  • Hart, C.J. (Lion’s Drag Strip)
  • Hart, Jack (NHRA)
  • Hays, Bill (Centerforce Clutches)
  • Hedman, Bob (Hedman Manufacturing)
  • Heffington, Mark (Hypertech Inc.)
  • Hibler, Harry (Nanotech Fuel Corp.)
  • Hilborn, Stuart (Fuel Injection Engineering Co.)
  • Hiltz, Stan (Thrush Mufflers)
  • Holding, Dennis (Direct Parts Inc.)
  • Hooker, Gary (Hooker Headers)
  • Hrudka, Joe (Mr. Gasket Co.)
  • Hurst, George (Hurst Shifters)
  • Iskenderian, Ed (Isky Racing Cams)
  • Kagan, Leo (Amco Manufacturing)
  • Kawasaki, Wade (Coker Group)
  • Keller, Bob (Turbonetics, Inc.)
  • Kerr, Jim (Jim Kerr & Associates)
  • Konblett, Sheldon (SC Performance)
  • Kuhns, Arnold (SFI Foundation Inc.)
  • Lahmann, Butch (American Specialty Equipment)
  • Larivee Sr., Bob (Promotions Inc.)
  • LeSage, Burke
  • Leslie, Roy (Kenz & Leslie Accessories Ltd.)
  • Light, Jerry (Speed Warehouse)
  • Lipper, Ray (Center Line Wheel Corp.)
  • Lohn, Els (Ansen Enterprises)
  • Mallory, Boots (Mallory Ignition)
  • Martin, Dick
  • Maxwell, Dick (Chrysler Corporation)
  • McClelland, Dave (Diamond P Sports)
  • McFarland, Jim (AutoCom)
  • McJannett, Bob (Performance Improvements)
  • McMullen, Richard
  • Meguiar, Barry (Meguiar’s)
  • Menzler, John (COMP Performance Group)
  • Moon, Dean (Moon Equipment Co.)
  • Moore, Marla (Coker Tire)
  • Moroso, Dick (Moroso Performance Products)
  • Offenhauser, Fred (Offenhauser Equipment Corp.)
  • Olson, Carl (SFI Foundation Inc.)
  • Parks, Wally (NHRA)
  • Patteri, Robert (Patteri Sales)
  • Perry, Bill (Bill Perry and Associates)
  • Petersen, Robert E. (Petersen Publishing)
  • Piggins, Vince (Chevorlet Motor Division)
  • Pink, Ed (Ed Pink Racing Engines)
  • Pisano, Joe (Venolia Pistons)
  • Prudhomme, Don (Don Prudhomme Racing)
  • Raleigh, Don (Don’s Speed Shop)
  • Reed, Alan (IMARC)
  • Richter, Roy (Cragar Industries)
  • Rifchin, Marvin (M&H Tires)
  • Roberts, Red (McLeod Industries)
  • Rollins, Rick (Superchips, Inc.)
  • Scafidi, John (Hurst Shifters)
  • Schiefer, Paul (Schiefer Equipment Co.)
  • Schubeck, Joe
  • Schwartz, Chuck (ConvExx)
  • Senter, Louis (Senter Engineering Corp.)
  • Shedden, Tom (Cragar Industries)
  • Shelby, Carroll (Shelby Automotives)
  • Shelton, Nate (B&M Automotive Group)
  • Sigman, Ben (Sigman-Pittman)
  • Simmons, John (SECO Performance Centers)
  • Simpson, Bill (Simpson Racing Products)
  • Smith, Bill (Speedway Motors)
  • Smith, Don (High Performance Distributors)
  • Spar, Bob (B&M Automotive)
  • St. Lawrence, Joe (RTM Studios)
  • Stroppe, Bill (Bill Stroppe & Son)
  • Thompson, Mickey (Mickey Thompson Enterprises)
  • Thomson, Chris (TMG Performance Group)
  • Towle, John (Performance Warehouse Association)
  • Van Cleve, Charlie (Hedman/TD Performance)
  • Van Cleve, Dick (Van Cleve & Associates)
  • Vandergriff, Robert (Hedman/TD Performance)
  • Vaughn, Jim (Mr. Phone)
  • Vaughn, Linda (Hurst Performance Products)
  • Warn, Thurston (Warn Industries)
  • Weber, Harry (Weber Cams)
  • Weiand, Joan (Weiand Industries)
  • Weiand, Phil (Weiand Automotive Industries)
  • Wells, Dick (SEMA)
  • Winfield, Ed (Winfield Carburetors)
  • Wirth, Jim (Wirth & Wirth Advertising)
  • Woodell, Van (Weathers Auto Supply)
  • Woomer, Steve (Competition Specialties)
  • Worthan, Rolan “Jeep” (Auto Meter Products, Inc.)
  • Xydias, Alex (SO-CAL Speed Shop)
  • Yunick, Henry “Smokey”

In any given year, it’s not unusual for three or four people to earn induction. Nominations are open until March 18, 2022, and can be submitted here.

Questions can be directed to Chris Standifer, project manager-Recognition Programs, at [email protected] or (909) 978-6692.

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