NSF International Surpasses 2,000 Certified Aftermarket Parts
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NSF International Surpasses 2,000 Certified Aftermarket Automotive Sheet Metal and Plastic Parts

Milestone reached with Tong Yang Industry Co.’s recent certification of more than 500 automotive aftermarket sheet metal fenders and hoods, and 600 plastic bumper covers and grilles.


NSF International, a global organization with 70 years of certification and testing experience, has reached a milestone with 1,000 exterior sheet metal automotive aftermarket hoods and fenders and 1,000 exterior plastic automotive aftermarket bumper covers and grilles certified to the NSF Automotive Collision Replacement Parts Certification program. This milestone was recently reached by certifying more than 500 automotive aftermarket sheet metal fenders and hoods and more than 600 plastic bumper covers and grilles manufactured by Tong Yang Industry Co. NSF’s total certified aftermarket parts now include more than 6,500 unique parts.

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The NSF Automotive Collision Replacement Parts Certification program tests and certifies that auto collision parts –  including Tong Yang’s exterior metal fenders, hoods, plastic bumper covers and grilles – meet rigid quality, safety and performance standards through rigorous facility audits and parts testing, states NSF.

Certification Requirements

NSF International certifies automotive sheet metal parts that are made of materials, according to NSF, “equivalent to that of the original equipment (OE) manufacturer service parts” to verify that they meet all:

  • Performance, fit and function requirements;
  • Dimensional and strength requirements;
  • Thickness and adhesion requirements for coatings;
  • In-plant quality control requirements, including passing an in-plant audit; and
  • Packaging requirements.

To earn certification, Tong Yang automotive parts were independently reviewed and tested against OE service parts. Additionally, all exterior metal fenders, hoods, plastic bumper covers and grilles were fitted to vehicles to ensure proper fit. NSF International also regularly audits Tong Yang’s OE-ready manufacturing facilities and quality systems to ensure that they meet or exceed each of NSF’s requirements.


Benefits of NSF Certification

NSF states that “NSF certification of auto parts greatly benefits repairers, distributors, insurers and most importantly, consumers. These certified parts will help body repairers make higher quality repairs using parts that have been tested and certified by NSF International.

“Consumers and collision repair shops benefit from a competitive marketplace with affordable, high-quality options for collision repair parts that come with a limited lifetime guarantee. Additionally, using cost-effective alternative parts can reduce the number of vehicles that are totaled based on repair cost. Collision repair shops also benefit because NSF-certified parts are fit tested on vehicles to ensure they fit the first time, reducing time spent on repairs.”


For meeting all of NSF International’s certification requirements, Tong Yang’s certified parts are authorized to bear the NSF certification mark and are listed in NSF’s online certification listings. To maintain certification, Tong Yang will undergo quarterly facility audits and random, in-market parts testing, validating quality and integrity.

In a recent independent survey conducted on behalf of NSF International, a significant number of consumers affirmed that the quality and safety of automobiles are a major concern. Auto parts manufacturers are responding by choosing to pursue NSF certification as proof of the quality of their parts, and more body shops and distributors continue to choose NSF certified automotive parts, NSF states.


“Tong Yang has also earned NSF certification for its front and rear rebars, front and rear bumper absorbers, and front bumper brackets,” said Bob Frayer, global managing director of Automotive NSF International. “Expanding its NSF certification to metal hood and fender parts and plastic bumper covers and grilles is another example of Tong Yang’s commitment to supplying the highest quality collision replacement parts to the aftermarket.”

In addition to sheet metal and plastic components, the NSF Automotive Collision Replacement Parts Certification Program tests and certifies lamps, reinforcing beams (rebars), step bumpers and absorbers.


Automotive Collision Parts Distributor Certification

NSF also offers automotive collision parts distributor certification, which requires distributors to have quality management systems in place that address traceability, service and quality issues. This includes having an effective records system, inventory systems to track orders and parts through the supply chain, and an ISO 9001-certified quality management system.

Manufacturers or distributors of automotive collision parts seeking information about NSF International’s Automotive Collision Certification Programs can visit NSF International’s website or contact Bob Frayer at [email protected].

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