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OEM vs. Aftermarket Structural Crash Parts

BodyShop Business tracks how collision industry leaders, parts manufacturers and legislators react to questions raised about the safety of structural aftermarket crash parts.

A presentation by I-CAR instructor Toby Chess at a recent Collision Industry Conference has raised questions industry-wide about the dependability and safety of structural aftermarket crash parts, including bumper reinforcements, steel bumpers, bumper brackets, radiator supports and absorbers.

Associations representing collision repairers and manufacturers have warned against their use, while aftermarket parts manufacturer Keystone has begun testing aftermarket bumper reinforcements to determine if they comply with federal safety standards. Legislators are working to make it easier for manufacturers to create non-OEM crash parts by creating an exception in design patent law.

BodyShop Business
is here to help you track the issue as the story unfolds. The most recent development appears at the top of the list.

Association Condemns Alleged Lawsuit Threat Stifling CIC Presentation, Plans to Investigate Parts Quality
The Choice Autobody Repair Association says it’s “outraged” by the
“attempt by elements of the aftermarket parts industry to prevent vital
information affecting repairs and parts safety from reaching collision
repairers” at the recent Collision Industry Conference (CIC) held in
Atlanta, Ga., and that it will independently investigate the quality
and safety of aftermarket parts before it endorses their use in repairs.

CIC Technical Presentation Stymied by LKQ Threat
Attendees of the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) typically look
forward to technical presentations by well-known collision repair
instructor Toby Chess due to their hands-on nature and his inclusion of
an occasional magic trick. But there was no such presentation at the
CIC held last week in Atlanta due to a threat of legal action by LKQ
Corporation, the largest nationwide provider of aftermarket collision
replacement products, recycled OEM products and refurbished OEM
collision replacement products.

CRA Continues Campaign Against Untested Aftermarket Bumper Reinforcements

demonstrates difference between OEM and aftermarket parts to TV
stations, calls on insurance commissioner to stop insurers from calling
for aftermarket bumper reinforcements on estimates.

Ford Locks Horns with Insurers, Consumer Advocates Over Part Patent Legislation

representative says ‘unscrupulous insurers’ spur manufacturing of
low-cost ‘copycat parts,’ while consumer advocates tout bill’s support
of marketplace competition.

CRA Brings Bumper Reinforcement Bars to California DOI’s Legal Counsel

demonstrates difference in performance between OEM and aftermarket
parts, wants insurer-led recall of vehicles repaired using aftermarket
bumper reinforcements.

Maaco Collision Repair Urges Congress to Support Access To Repair Parts Act
Maaco says legislation would guarantee consumer choice, preserve competition in the automotive aftermarket.

Groups Testify at Crash Parts Patent Legislation Hearing
The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Monday heard from
consumer advocates and industry experts on the “Access to Repair Parts
Act” (H.R. 3059/S.1368) – legislation that would amend U.S. patent code
so that it wouldn’t be an act of design patent infringement to
manufacture or distribute alternative repair parts for the purpose of
repairing a vehicle to its original appearance.

QPC Challenges ASA’s Stance on Crash Parts Patent Bill
The Quality Parts Coalition (QPC) is accusing the Automotive Service Association (ASA) of spreading misinformation about the Access to Repair Parts Act (H.R. 3059/S.1368).

U.S. House May Soon Consider Crash Part Patent Bill

Pennsylvania Repairers Ask Insurance Commissioner to Intervene in Aftermarket Parts Issue

Group says structural aftermarket part safety concerns warrant recall of all vehicles repaired with them.

Chubb Group Drops Structural Aftermarket Parts Use
The Chubb Group informed its vendors and business partners this week that it is suspending the use of structural aftermarket parts – including
bumper bars reinforcements, absorbers, bumper mounting brackets and
radiator supports – on all estimates and appraisals prepared on the
insurer’s behalf.

ASA Requests NHTSA Use Authority to Regulate Aftermarket Crash Parts

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) has written a letter to
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) administrator
David L. Strickland asking him to review why NHTSA does not regulate
aftermarket crash parts and to begin an aftermarket crash parts
regulatory program as soon as possible.

Keystone Automotive Announces Initial Test Results on Aftermarket Bumper Reinforcement
Company says aftermarket part meets federal safety standard.

Connecticut Repairers Offer to Check Vehicles for Unsafe Aftermarket Bumpers
Group warns consumers that non-OEM bumpers can affect performance in a crash, says insurers should replace parts free of charge.

NYSACTA Calls for Recall of Aftermarket Crash Parts
Group joins growing number of organizations pointing out potential safety issues related to non-OEM parts.

NSF International Launches Aftermarket Parts Safety Certification Program
NSF International has launched a new Automotive Parts Certification Program to verify both the quality and performance of aftermarket auto parts via testing and inspections.

CRA Asks DOI to Trace Aftermarket Bumper Reinforcements Used in Claims
Group says affected policyholders should be alerted to potential safety issues associated with non-OEM parts.

CRA and Toby Chess to Bring Parts Safety Message To California Lawmakers
Collision Repair Association of California (CRA) President Lee Amaradio announced that Toby Chess will work with the association in a campaign to inform key California lawmakers and regulators about the inherent risks associated with the use of certain aftermarket safety parts.

Associations Caution Repairers About Using Untested Structural Aftermarket Parts
SCRS, AASP advise repairers against installing untested structural crash parts, call for recalls, certification process.

CAPA to Establish New Certification Standard for Aftermarket Bumpers
The new standard will enable the market to identify high quality bumpers as the industry responds to recent disclosure of bumper quality problems, CAPA says.

Keystone Automotive Temporarily Halts Sale of Certain Aftermarket Bumper Reinforcements
Keystone Automotive, a subsidiary of LKQ Corporation, announced Feb. 1 that it will sell only aftermarket bumper reinforcement bars that qualify under the company’s quality assurance programs or are approved through third party testing.

Taiwan Auto Body Parts Association Tells Members to Pull Untested Aftermarket Parts
The Taiwan Auto Body Parts Association (TABPA) is advising its members to stop the sale and distribution of untested aftermarket structural crash parts.

ABPA Advises Distributors to Pull All Untested Aftermarket Parts
The Auto Body Parts Association (ABPA) is recommending that member distributors review the properties and testing standards of all aftermarket structural parts they carry and to drop any parts that may not perform up to OEM standards in collisions.

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