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OPSTRAX Partners with Ford

Supply-chain management solution provider to the auto collision industry aims to improve parts ordering, conquesting and logistics for Ford/Lincoln dealers.


Overall Parts Solutions (OPS), a company providing supply-chain management solutions to the auto collision industry, has announced a partnership with Ford Motor Company. Currently, OPS works with a large network of parts suppliers and collision shops including major MSOs.

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OPS and Ford partnered to provide a solution for Ford/Lincoln dealers that includes parts ordering, conquesting and logistics. The OPS Technology Suite includes OPSTRAX, VALUTRAX, DELIVERYTRAX and TRAXPOD.

OPSTRAX allows collision shop customers to connect with their local dealership parts departments and electronically submit, view and track their collision parts orders, all through a centralized interface. VALUTRAX provides dealership parts departments the opportunity to offer their customers OE parts at a more competitive price than non-OE parts through a conquest program. DELIVERYTRAX is an optional logistics tool that allows dealers to track all of their parts deliveries to their customers with real-time delivery information, tracking, driver accountability as well as route optimization. Finally, TRAXPOD provides collision shop customers with desktop notifications whenever parts are shipped and on-the-way to their location. The OPS Technology Suite is a “one-stop” shop for all collision centers and dealership parts departments.


“We are extremely proud of the OPSTRAX suite of products and pleased to have partnered with Ford Motor Company,” said Sib Bahjat, COO and co-founder of OPS. “We are confident we can add our team, technology, products, and resources to Ford Motor Company to support a strong supplier network experience for the collision shops and the industry. We are excited to work together with Ford Motor Company in the parts procurement and supply chain sectors and provide the value this program will add.”

Mark Mandl, collision marketing manager for Ford Customer Service Division, added, “It is critical that we fulfill our commitment to our dealers by providing solutions that allow them to best connect with their customers. The OPS Software Suite delivers a technology solution to efficiently connect dealers with their collision shop customers with not only a procurement tool, but delivery and logistics solutions that can reduce costs and improve ordering efficiency.”


“We are extremely excited that the Ford Motor Company is taking time and investing into our solutions,” said Nick Bossinakis, CEO and co-founder of OPS, who has been invited to attend numerous panel discussions to provide his insight on the state of the auto collision industry. “They believe, like we do, getting to the next level in the wholesale business involves providing efficiency and standardizations on how they do business. We at OPS see this as a key time in our industry. Being competitive, capturing more sales and improving customer service within the wholesale parts department all helps to build the Ford brand. The OPS Technology Suite is a bridge that provides the transformation necessary to achieve those needs and also bring our industry to the modern demands of our times.”

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