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Partnering With A Paint Company

With so many paint-company partnership programs in the marketplace, making a decision which - if any - to join can be a confusing and time-consuming decision.

And while most programs have the
same basic elements, each has its own specifics that make it unique
– much like your shop has specifics that make it unique.

To make your job easier, we’ve compiled a listing of the available
membership programs and their benefits. Match your needs with
a program, and you won’t have to wonder if your decision was a
wise one.




  • Marketing, sales, parts management, paint control, materials
    control, human resources, financial control, strategic planning,
    production management, health and safety, standardized procedures
    and office-management tools are offered with written guidelines.
  • Consultant services: on-site visits, follow-up phone calls,
    monthly key indicators and trend analysis.
  • Education curriculum: courses in financial management, market
    planning, business planning, marketing media analysis, leadership,
    organizational development, production management, office management
    and sales management.
  • Frontline service training: a three- to four-hour seminar
    that allows the entire company to work on customer service, communications
    and quality control.
  • 20 Groups: meetings of 10-20 noncompetitive shops confidentially
    disclosing financial and business ideas to enhance their shops.
  • Local repair networks with other Acoat selected shops.
  • Study group/study missions: offers visits to other 20-Group
  • Graphical trend analysis.
  • Blue Chip Interfirm Comparison: a quarterly newsletter and
    report discussing trends among Blue Chip partner firms.
  • Periodic technical audits of your refinish repair processes.
  • A touch-screen interactive kiosk: integrates narrated pictures
    and video to teach your customers about your shop, claims-handling
    process, repair process, CSI and Acoat certifications.
  • Other benfits are available after advancing to Partner status.

COST: $5,000 per year.


  • Materials and Equipment: sole use of Akzo/Sikkens paint; a
    pressurized spraybooth that’s commercially manufactured and meets
  • NFPA Bulletin 33 standards; equipment capable of making multiple
    unibody and full-frame pulls; a four-point/symmetrical and asymmetrical
    measuring system; an accurate source of vehicle dimensions; a
    four-wheel alignment rack or quality sublet; a MIG welder (plastic
    and aluminum if appropriate); a properly sized air dryer capable
    of bringing air below the dew point; a compressor capable of maintaining
    a minimum of 70 psi for HVLP within 20 feet of a spray gun; a
    properly sized oil-separation unit located near the compressor;
    a paint-mixing and -storage area that complies with OSHA and local
    fire-code regulations and is properly vented; a well-lit, attractive
    and clean workshop; a mechanism to lift vehicles; proof of hazardous-waste
    removal and proper documentation; and A/C-refrigerant recycling
    and charging systems that meet national guidelines or quality
  • Office: a computerized management system providing automated
    estimating, job costing, employee efficiencies and departmental
    sales analysis; periodical submittal of income statements and
    balance sheets; a fax machine; a P-Page logic estimating system
    (ADP, CCC or Mitchell); and license and permit documentation as
    required by the market.
  • Warranty: a written lifetime warranty on paint and labor;
    100 percent participation in Akzo Product Assurance Plan; and
    willing to have recent repair orders subject to a customer-service-index
    (CSI) audit.
  • Education: Technical staff must have technical education plan
    in place for attainment of I-CAR-Gold or like status.
  • Time and Resources: an owner/general manager committed to
    quality and long-term growth and who will dedicate time and resources
    to the Acoat selected program.
  • Other criteria is required to advance to Partner status.


Call (800) 5-ACOAT-5 to speak to a business-development manager,
or contact your local account representative.




  • Business Management: a body shop analysis, which provides
    a confidential survey to determine strengths and weaknesses in
    critical areas; the collision-repair design service; the Advantage
    Shop Management two-day training course; the Benchmark Customer
    Service Index; and the Paint-Safe products program, which features
    an OSHA-compliance kit and product discounts. The Benchmark Operational
    Analysis Program, which provides a detailed analysis of your shop’s
    financial performance compared to other shops of similar size
    and dollar volume, can be purchased by members as a separate program.
  • Marketing Leadership: the Advantage marketing program, which
    includes workbooks and videos on market analysis and planning,
    sales techniques, customer service and marketing communications,
    and an optional one-day course; custom-printed brochures; shop
    identification, which includes a membership plaque, a metal A-Plus
    sign and other merchandising items; and the Sherwin-Williams ULTRA
    Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Industry Insight: a subscription to “Insight,” a
    monthly collision-repair industry newsletter; and connection to
    Insight’s Independent Information System, I-NET, an electronic
    bulletin board connecting body shops, PBE suppliers and insurance

COST: $495 one-time enrollment fee. Members may choose
to purchase added resources in the future.


  • Use Sherwin-Williams Premium Undercoat System and ULTRA System
    basecoat/clearcoats as your main refinishing system.
  • Comply with all federal, state and local regulations pertaining
    to collision-repair facilities.
  • Employ qualified technicians who are I-CAR or ASE certified
    in refinish and body-repair
  • responsibilities.
  • Provide an ongoing employee training program using resources
    provided by I-CAR, ASE or Sherwin-Williams.
  • Maintain a refinishing area that complies with safety, environmental
    and legal regulations.
  • Utilize a four-point clamping system to secure vehicles while
    making structural repairs; electrical and hydraulic pulling equipment
    appropriate to the service; equipment capable of making 3-D measurements;
    current dimensional guides appropriate to the vehicle being repaired;
    a computerized estimating system; and appropriate welding equipment
    that meets vehicle-manufacturer requirements.
  • Replace or restore a vehicle’s mechanical and structural components
    to their preaccident
  • condition.
  • Replace all safety devices and restore vehicle corrosion protection.
  • Provide a minimum one-year written limited warranty on all
  • Maintain a clean and professional environment for receiving
  • Meet qualifications and utilize the ULTRA Guarantee Program.
  • Monitor your CSI through a third-party service.
  • Adhere to the Code of Ethics issued by the Society of Collision
    Repair Specialists.


Contact your nearest Sherwin-Williams automotive branch, jobber
or sales representative, or call (800) SW-ULTRA.




  • Management Solutions: the AutocheX financial-analysis and
    business-planning tool; technical training; shop layout and design;
    the SMART-1 management seminar; customer profiles; car-owner identification
    service; the Accounting Game, which explains how to understand
    the numbers; toll-free support; a starter-kit video; a video training
    series, which focuses on telephone skills and office management;
    the “Insight” newsletter, with information on industry
    trends and facts; the AOQ Insider, with information on program
    news and features; a shop-operation manual; AOQ identification;
    the AutocheX newsletter, with CSI information and industry news;
    the AutocheX employee survey, a training and management tool;
    Partners for Profit comprehensive management training; and the
    Enlightened Leadership seminar.
  • Marketing Solutions: shop identification signage; an advertising
    and promotion kit; inclusion in the AutocheX directory; counter-top
    displays; customer brochures; customer repair certificates; customer
    finish-care guides and hang tags; wall posters; a customer video;
    KWIK color tabs; shop- evaluation cards; thank-you and referral
    cards; TYVEK car covers; NASCAR association; a portable display
    unit; an on-hold message service;
  • AOQ personalized address labels and stationery; the PH&H
    referral program; “On Roads” magazine; DuPont publications;
    the Guerrilla Marketing seminar; and the Street Fighting Sales
    & Marketing seminar.
  • Customer Satisfaction: CSI measurement tools, including customer
    evaluation cards, the technician hang-tag checklist and the AutocheX
    third-party CSI service; a customer-satisfaction guide; a national
    warranty; and shop qualification.

COST: $1,995 for a two-year contract for a single shop,
$1,795 for the second shop and $1,595 for the third shop. A two-year
renewal option is $1,000.


  • Have an established business location in compliance with local
    zoning laws and local retail
  • standards.
  • Have all applicable local, state and federal licenses and
    permits, and operate in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Have proof of garage liability insurance and garage-keeper’s
    legal liability insurance or
  • equivalent.
  • Use only DuPont refinish paint systems and provide DuPont
    paint-system warranties.
  • Provide a written warranty on all other vehicle repairs.
  • Maintain a set of current collision-estimating guides for
    the vehicles being repaired or the ability to produce computerized,
    P-Page logic estimates.
  • Show evidence of ongoing employee training.
  • Show evidence of training in current management subjects followed
    by ongoing attendance of at least one course per year.
  • Participate in a CSI program for all completed repairs.
  • Have a paint application system and refinishing area that
    meet all federal, state and local safety requirements and that
    will produce OEM-type color and finish.
  • Have a source of frame/unibody dimensions and a measuring
    device capable of determining frame/unibody dimensions.
  • Have equipment on site or available to restore steering-system
    alignment, including four-wheel alignment, and to verify the condition
    and the results by printout.
  • Have the equipment and capability to remove and reinstall
    suspension, engine and drive-train components.
  • Have equipment on site or available for use by certified personnel
    to evacuate or recharge A/C systems.


Call (800) 533-1313.




  • NAPA AutoCare “Peace of Mind” Warranty: guarantees
    repairs for six months or 6,000 miles (participation by subscription).
  • Local Use Marketing Fund: covers 50 percent of all qualifying
    expenses related to advertising, training, signage, computer estimating
    packages and other expenses within an amount equal to 2 percent
    of qualifying NAPA purchases.
  • NAPACARD Consumer Credit Program: 90- Days-Same-As-Cash terms
    for consumers.
  • NAPA Customer Satisfaction Program.
  • 1-800-LET-NAPA AutoCare Center Locator Service: assists consumers
    and insurance carriers locate the AutoCare Center nearest them.
  • National AutoCare Advertising: promotes NAPA AutoCare Centers
    on network television and in major consumer publications, including
    “People” magazine and “USA Today” and in major
    trade publications.
  • NAPA Long Distance Network: special long-distance telephone
  • “NAPA AutoCare News”: a monthly publication filled
    with success stories, management tips and other information.
  • “NAPA News”: updates on new PBE products, refinishing
    techniques and other technical tips.
  • AutoCare Sales Builder Binder: notebook with local advertising
    guidelines and materials.
  • NAPA Insurance Programs: affordable property and casualty
    coverage, group medical insurance and group term-life insurance
    (not available in all states).
  • ASE Certification Reimbursement: a $45 reimbursement for ASE
    certification or recertification testing fees.
  • NAPA Institute of Automotive Technology: one free enrollment
    ($24.95 value) and one free self-study course ($89.50 value).
  • NAPA Tech Tips: free manual with 800 tech tips and monthly
    updates ($22 value).
  • “Martin-Senour Refinish Manual”: a certificate for
    a free comprehensive guide containing detailed instructions on
    Martin-Senour refinishing systems.
  • Technical Training Videos: certificates for free training
    tapes from Martin-Senour and 3M.
  • Vehicle Leasing Program: offers a special
  • vehicle-lease arrangement.
  • AutoCare Collision Center Rental Car
  • Program.
  • EPA/OSHA Compliance Management Kit: organizes and explains
    regulations regarding safety, health and the environment.
  • EPA/OSHA Collision Center Compliance Assessment: a complete
    review and written report of the collision center, including a
    plan to achieve and maintain compliance.
  • Preferred Leasing/Financing Program: reduced rates and preferred
    terms on NAPA TRACS systems, NAPA tools and equipment, and vehicles.
  • Martin-Senour Tec 5 Guarantee: qualify to receive a five-year
    refinish guarantee to extend to customers.
  • AutoCare Yellow Pages Program: national program for trademark
    listings and display ads.
  • AutoCare Collision Center/Exterior Designs: attention-grabbing
    identity program.
  • Martin-Senour Collision Repair Design
  • Services.
  • NAPA Stationery, Merchandising Materials and Wearables.
  • AutoCare Collision Center Billboard: Ties the independent
    collision center to the national NAPA AutoCare identity.
  • Martin-Senour Technical Training: courses on the latest in
    paint composition, application, color matching and more.
  • NAPATECH Tele-Diagnostic Hotline: free enrollment ($25 value)
    and reduced usage fee.
  • Electronic Color Management Systems.
  • Computer Estimating and Management Software Packages.
  • Martin-Senour Marketing Program.
  • Production Efficiency Training: a two-day course focusing
    on improving productivity and profitability.
  • Benchmark Operational Analysis: designed to improve operational
    and financial performance.
  • “Drive Time” Consumer Newsletter.
  • “Profinisher”: a quarterly publication to inform
    and educate the professional refinisher.
  • “Insight” Collision Repair Magazine
  • Subscription.
  • AutoCare Collision Center Membership Plaque.

COST: Annual membership is $495.00.


  • Make NAPA your primary supplier and first call for refinish
    products and replacement mechanical parts and supplies.
  • Use the Martin-Senour Tec/SYSTEM as your main refinishing
    system, and use these and related products according to Martin-Senour
  • Comply with federal, state and local
  • regulations.
  • Provide workers-compensation and garage-keeper’s liability
  • Employ qualified technicians who are ASE-certified in refinishing
    and body-repair categories.
  • Maintain a refinishing area that complies with safety, environmental
    and legal regulations.
  • Utilize: a four-point clamping system to secure vehicles while
    making structural repairs; equipment capable of making 3-D measurements
    on symmetrical and asymmetrical vehicles; electrical and hydraulic
    pulling equipment appropriate to the service offered; and current
    dimensional guides appropriate to the vehicle being repaired.
  • Use appropriate welding equipment that meets the vehicle manufacturer
  • Provide an ongoing employee-training program (I-CAR or equivalent).
    In addition, all refinish technicians must participate in at least
    one approved Martin-Senour technical-training update class every
    24 months.
  • Reinstate vehicle corrosion protection.
  • Replace or restore a vehicle’s structural components, engine,
    drive train and suspension to its preaccident condition with regard
    to location, integrity, durability and safety.
  • Replace all safety devices to manufacturers recommendations.
  • Be equipped to safely raise vehicles for inspection and repair.
  • Provide a minimum one-year written limited warranty on all
  • Maintain a clean, professional environment for receiving customers.
  • Stay current on all statements from your servicing NAPA Auto
    Parts store.
  • Participate in the NAPA Customer Satisfaction Program.
  • Adhere to the NAPA AutoCare Collision Center Code of Ethics.


Contact your NAPA Auto Parts store or Martin-Senour representative,
or call (800) LET-NAPA for the location of your nearest NAPA Auto
Parts store.




  • Special travel benefits: incorporate automotive events in
    the United States and abroad.
  • Consulting services: shop layout and design; consultations
    on shop redesign, extensions and construction; business profitability;
    OSHA and EPA consulting.
  • Third-party CSI tracking: a customized survey tailored to
    track various levels of customer satisfaction and information.
    Personalized telephone surveys are conducted by an independent
    market-research company at preferred pricing for Color Club members.
    Includes periodic summary reports, “Red Flag” reports
    of crucial customer responses, professional-image consultations,
    and optional comparisons and trend-analysis reports.
  • Communications: Spies Hecker newsletter; newsletter insert
    that outlines Color Club activities; Fast Fax, up-to-the-minute
    information via fax on industry events and current trends.
  • Product evaluation: members selected at random to be the first
    to use new products.
  • Business insurance: Par-Care, a national program that includes
    health, workers-compensation, general and garage liability coverage.
    Payroll and risk-management services are also available.
  • Seminars: free business seminars on issues such as productivity,
    profitability, marketing and industry changes. Financial Consulting,
    Safety/Environmental Compliance and Business Strategies are among
    the seminars planned.

COST: $99 per year, with some benefits having an additional


  • Use Spies Hecker paint.
  • Have the high-quality equipment to operate an efficient body
  • Meet the technical training standards required.


Call Spies Hecker at (516) 777-7100.

MVP (Maximum Velocity Performance)

AVAILABLE THROUGH: PPG Automotive Refinish


  • Refinish technology; color-matching tools and service; and
    support in shop management and business development, computer
    systems, marketing, environmental compliance, waste management
    and safety.
  • The MVP Productivity Analysis service: a thorough evaluation
    of collision-repair operations, including analysis of metal shop,
    paint department, body-repair and paint equipment and personnel,
    plus a sales and profit evaluation, a safety check-up and a critique
    of the shop’s overall marketing image.
  • The PPG Certification program: offers technician training,
    marketing support, a technician hotline and other benefits.
  • Other key aspects: management training, body shop design and
    layout service, a collision-shop operations manual, assessment
    of production equipment and a custom tailored MVP Speed System
    that will be highly productive in that specific environment.

COST: Phase I – no cost

Phase II – $340

Phase III – no cost


  • Enrollment in the PPG Certification program, which enables
    shops to offer a Lifetime Guarantee (valid to original purchaser
    only) on any paint work done according to certification standards.


Contact your local PPG territory manager, or write to: MVP Program,
c/o PPG Automotive Refinish, 19699 Progress Drive, Strongsville,
Ohio 44136.

Partnership in Excellence (PIE)



  • Membership package: a PIE three-ring binder with marketing,
    management and training modules; samples of all the literature
    available to the PIE body shop, such as customer appointment cards,
    lifetime warranty folders, etc.; $100 credit for CSI (program
    of your choice); outdoor illuminated sign (or $300 Bowtie Buck
    credit); one-year free subscription to “Insight” magazine;
    $259 CCC fee waived for the first year; promotional-item catalog;
    Frequent Buyer membership card; Partnership in Excellence lapel
    pin; $50 Bowtie Buck kick-off credit; and Membership Award in
    recognition of your Partnership in Excellence.
  • PIE weekend-retreat conferences for owners and managers.
  • PIE marketing services: includes discounted graphic-design
    and printing services, discounted promotional product services,
    marketing advisory services, sample materials kit, camera-ready
    ad slicks and marketing reference-materials module.
  • PIE management services: includes regional body shop management
    training courses, management advisory services and management
    reference- materials module.
  • PIE training services: includes regional estimator sales training
    and product training courses, training advisory services and training
    reference- materials module.
  • Frequent Buyer Program: 2 percent of monthly Standox purchases
    credited into a Bowtie Buck account for reinvestment into the
  • Computer consulting services: outsourced to CCC and ComputerLogic.
  • Collision Center Connection: outsourced to CCC.
  • CSI Program: outsourced to Insight, AutocheX and Boyd Market
    Research & Development.
  • Financial Analysis Benchmarking: outsourced to Insight.
  • Collision Repair Design Services: outsourced to CRDS.
  • COST: $950 enrollment fee covers the above-mentioned
    items, activation of PIE status and immediate activation of Frequent
    Buyer Accounts.


  • Materials and Equipment: exclusive use of Standox products,
    Standox mixing machine, downdraft or well-maintained premanufactured
    booth, frame straightening and measuring equipment, compressor
    with dryer and filtration system, capability to provide (in house
    or sublet) four-wheel alignments, air-conditioning service, collision
    mechanical service, towing, glass repair/replacement, electronic
    repairs, theft-related repairs and unibody/frame repair, rental
    cars available, and professional customer reception area and clean
    customer restrooms.
  • Office: computer estimating system, current business-license
    number, valid EPA number, all applicable licenses/permits, workers-compensation
    insurance carrier and expiration date.
  • Training: certified Standox technicians and evidence of on-going
    training for management and technicians.
  • Easily accessible location with customer parking area.
  • Safe/secured vehicle storage.
  • Regular business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.).
  • Minimum two years in business.
  • Minimum one-year written warranty.


Contact Amy Dolliver (program manager) at (313) 454-4556, ext.
3106 or Norma Boal (PIE business advisor), ext. 3117.




  • The Partnership Plus introduction kit: includes the Program
    Manual and other materials explaining the program.
  • The Development Plan for mapping a year’s worth of training
    and business plans.
  • A profit-potential analysis showing your current profitability
    vs. other shops.
  • The program newsletter.
  • A membership plaque.
  • Reduced pricing on Integrated Shop Management courses and
    program materials.
  • Business services.
  • In-shop consulting.
  • Toll-free support.

COST: None.


  • Review a basic checklist with a program representative that
    addresses shop cleanliness, equipment, safety and health, and


Call (800) 227-7516, ext. PLUS (7587).

VisionPLUS Service Products Group

AVAILABLE THROUGH: BASF Corporation, Refinish Division


  • On-site shop consulting: focus on everything from customer-reception
    design to detailed Productivity Process Mapping of all shop operations.
  • Consultation services: two-day FirstStep to 10-day Layout
    & Process Management, which identify and build on shop strengths
    and pinpoint areas of opportunity for improvement; and short-
    and long-term business plans.
  • The BASF VisionPLUS Service Products Group: includes 12 Advanced
    Regional Training Centers. On-site painter training also is offered
    to interested users of Glasurit and R-M Brand Refinishing Systems.
  • BASF Educational Service Programs: a four-part “Professional
    Business Management Seminar Series.” Topics such as Management
    by Objectives, Paint & Material Profitability, P&L Formatting
    and Shop Financial Analysis are offered.
  • The “Business Development Group” program:
  • advanced shop profiling, “Success-Trac” business
    planner and extensive “Tele-Coaching.” One-day workshops
    and the three-day Beyond 2000 Body Shop Retreats facilitated by
    Body Shop Video are now sponsored exclusively by BASF Corporation.
  • The BASF North American Warranty Programs: external and internal
    signage, dynamic point-of-purchase sales aids and CSI tracking.
    Members of the Glasurit and R-M North American Warranty Program
    are eligible to attend an advanced sales-and-marketing-skills
    seminar to maximize these valuable tools.

COST: Varies depending on which services shops utilize.
(Ranges from $150 for each seminar to $7,500 for some consultation


Also varies according to which services are chosen.


Contact your local BASF representative or write to: BASF Corporation,
Automotive Refinish, 26701 Telegraph Road, Southfield, Mich. 48034
to the attention of Service Products Group.

Note: Meant as a general guide to available
paint-manufacturer partnership programs, the information provided
in this article was correct at the printing of the December 1996
issue. However, the qualifying criteria mentioned may change or
involve more detailed requirements than those listed. To obtain
more information regarding individual program requirements and
benefits, contact a program representative at the phone number

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