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Personnel Profile: Benefits Other Shop Owners Offer Their Employees

Curious what benefits other shop owners offer their employees? Curious what other shops in your region pay their employees? We've got the answers.

Ever wonder how your technicians salaries stack up against shops across the country as well as the shops in your sales bracket? You’re not alone. If we had a nickel for every time a reader called someone on the BodyShop Business staff asking the same question, we’d all be in the French Riviera. (Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But we’d at least have enough money to buy some French fries.)

We took the hint and asked this year’s Industry Profile respondents what they pay their journeymen technicians. To see where your shop stands on this -and other personnel issues – keep reading.

Shop Sales Per Employee
Median sales per month per estimator:……………………………. $32,500
Median sales per month per administrative employee…………….$31,400
Median sales per month per production employee…………………$11,081
(bodymen and painters only)

According to survey results, this year’s median sales per month per estimator rose $7,500 and sales per administrative employee increased by more than $11,000. How do you explain such large increases? This year’s survey results also show the average number of employees is down by almost one person. With one less estimator or administrative employee, the sales per remaining staff members would increase, given the volume of work stayed the same.
Note: Because averages are often skewed due to larger shops and their volume, another method of measurement is the media, which is the middle figure. In this case, the median means that 50% of respondents’ sales are less and 50% are more.

Journeymen Salaries by Shop Sales Volume

Sales Volume



Metal Tech

Up to $124,999




















More than $1 million




See map of annual pay by region.

What’s the average pay for entry-level employess? To find out click here!

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