PMCLogic's P&M Management System Now 'Driverless'

PMCLogic’s P&M Management System Now ‘Driverless’

Shops can now easily track the usage of all P&Ms, generate accurate cost analysis and KPI reports, and produce a P&M estimate or invoice on every repair they do without any human interaction.

ComputerLogic, Inc., announced that its latest version of PMCLogic is now “totally automated.” Shops can now easily track the usage of all P&Ms, generate accurate cost analysis and KPI reports, and produce a P&M estimate or invoice on every repair they do without any human interaction.

Just like the recent development of driverless cars, which are capable of making thousands of decisions in fractions of a second in order to safely transport passengers from one place to another, ComputerLogic has developed a software program that can now read hundreds of thousands of detailed repair plans generated from each of the major estimating systems (Audatex, CCC and Mitchell) and then automatically produce an extremely accurate list of the paint and materials that will be used for a specific job, detailing the volume of liquids and the quantity of each item that will be used for that unique repair.

“This is one of the greatest ‘game changers’ that has been introduced to the collision repair industry in many years,” said Richard Palmer, president of ComputerLogic, the developer of PMCLogic. “Shops are extremely busy. They already have far too many administrative tasks to perform when repairing a vehicle and they don’t need another task added to that list. If they want to accurately track their paint and material usage, and calculate what to charge their customer for what was used, they need someone else to do it for them.

“Over the past 10 years, PMCLogic earned the reputation of being the most accurate tool for tracking paint and materials, and for being an excellent predictive estimating system for P&M invoicing. Unfortunately, once the original vehicle repair estimate was exported to PMCLogic, it took someone in the shop a couple of minutes to generate the P&M estimate for that vehicle. As a result, most shops did not do this on every job. And, without complete data, it is impossible to generate accurate management reports. To correct this problem, over the past several years ComputerLogic dedicated extensive resources to build a totally automated P&M predictive estimating program that ‘takes people out of the process,’ so shops can now get 100 percent of the benefits of PMCLogic without having to do anything. ”

Michael Giarrizzo, president of DCR, added, “Being an MSO, we need to gather accurate P&M usage data from all of our locations so that we can better manage this aspect of our business. It was just about impossible for us to gather accurate data because it took a very dedicated person at each location to ensure that this task got done. Fortunately, PMCLogic came along at just the right time with its automated process so we don’t have to worry about this process any longer. Now we get 100 percent of the P&M data on every repair and are able to generate a long list of very informative reports. I especially like the reports that allow us to compare each of our shops’ data against all others so that we can identify where we can improve our P&M cost and revenue opportunities. Another great benefit is that we can now easily generate an extremely accurate invoice for the P&Ms used on each repair. This has allowed us to increase our P&M revenues to a more appropriate level, and it automatically tracks the payment for P&Ms from each insurance company so that we can better manage this part of our business as well.”

Palmer added, “Today, there is no excuse for any body shop to not invoice every customer for the exact P&Ms used for their repair. Even if the shop must negotiate with the vehicle owner’s insurer for payment, at least they have an accurate, detailed and fairly priced invoice to negotiate from.

“ComputerLogic wants every shop in America to see how easy it is to gather all of their P&M data and generate an accurate invoice for P&Ms without any human effort. To achieve that goal, we want to make it an easy and ‘no risk’ process for shops that want to ‘do the right thing, for the right reason, the right way.’ So, for the next two months, we are offering a free ‘test drive’ and a 90-day money back guarantee to any shop that wants to try it. We’ve finally removed all of the excuses for not invoicing for P&Ms!”

For more information on PMCLogic, contact ComputerLogic at (800) 933-6564 or [email protected].

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