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Portable, inflatable shelters let you work smarter in a mobile environment

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The idea of someone coming to your house to do work or having something delivered to your home has taken on a bit of a new feel in the past year. Though many industries will be able to go “back to normal,” there are many that will forever be changed.

The concept of on-site or mobile repair is not a new one in the automotive world, but it hasn’t been too widely used due to so many variables when doing work on-site.

The biggest of those variables is the weather and environment that you are working in. Too much rain, snow, cold, wind or even sun can cause working out in the elements to be a negative experience. A portable, inflatable mobile shelter can be the solution to easily and quickly create a space to work in that has a controlled environment. For more than 20 years, technicians have used temporary shelters to do mobile automotive work in the field. From mobile detailing to oil changes to PDR, almost anything can be done in a portable shelter.

In the past 10 years, portable paint booths have been deployed in dealer lots all over the United States. Portable paint booths allow paint techs to do small repairs on site, which saves a tremendous amount of time and money for the dealer by keeping the vehicle on site and not sent to a body shop. A portable paint booth can be set up in 10 minutes and allows the paint tech to work on site all day without the worry of any weather issues. It also contains any overspray that may result from painting. After packing up at the end of the day, the paint tech can head to another dealership tomorrow. A portable paint booth can also be an integral part in compliance with EPA regulations.

Mobile or on-site work is made possible and much easier with a portable inflatable shelter. Work smarter, not harder.

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