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PUBLISHER’S PERSPECTIVE: Come In, the Water’s Great!

Judging by the above headline, I’m sure you can guess that my column this month is about the upcoming 2009 BodyShop Business Waterborne Conference (Aug. 13-14). This is an exciting initiative, and we here at BSB are looking forward to playing host to those of you who decide to join us. This will be the one place where all of you can get complete information on the transformation to low-VOC coatings and ask questions that are specific to your situation.

Since I started the job as publisher back in August 2008, it has been apparent to me that the conversion to low-VOC coatings is inevitable and will eventually reach the Midwest and East Coast either by legislation or green pressures. I’ve also noticed that there is plenty of information out there, but much of it is hearsay or conjecture. That’s why, at our conference, we’re offering to you the direct sources of information to clear up any ambiguity on the subject. Our speakers will represent the EPA, South Coast Air Quality Management District, paint companies, equipment manufacturers and, of course, repairers just like yourselves who’ve already made a successful transition.

This mix of speakers and information sources will give you a direct look into the government side of the switch as well as the paint/equipment view. This day-and-a-half will be very busy, but rest assured you’ll have plenty of time to interact with these suppliers and officials to help you make your own conversion decisions. Also, I-CAR will be on hand to offer its waterborne class, which is the fastest-growing I-CAR class among current offerings. It will be conveniently offered on the arrival day so you can combine the conference with some very valuable training.

Besides all the great business reasons to attend the conference, there’s another strong reason to join us in Huron, Ohio. The Huron area is rich in opportunities for leisure- time activities. Our conference property sits directly on the shores of Lake Erie, and with that comes all the fun summer activities: great boating, swimming and fishing, to name a few. Just five miles away is Cedar Point, which is unquestionably the best rollercoaster park in the world. So if you like being dropped, twisted and scared to within heartbeats of your life, then this is the park for you.

So what are you waiting for? Call Elise Frate at (330) 670-1234 ext. 234 to reserve your spot today. I can assure you that, from a business perspective, you won’t find a more comprehensive source for your conversion to low-VOC coatings…plus lots of fun in the sun! We hope to see you soon!

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