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SAFECars to Hold Symposium for Collision Repairers

Educational event aimed at quality-conscious repairers and experienced legal counsel looking to address insurance industry pressure threatening safe vehicle repairs.


SAFECars, a network of integrity-driven collision repairers and experienced legal
counsel formed to harness the power of their collective efforts to
promote consumer awareness and choice for automobile safety, has organized an educational symposium in the Chicago, Ill., area May 30-31, 2014, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel.  

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The organization says the event will "attract quality-conscious repairers and experienced legal counsel to address the pressures the insurance industry has applied to threaten the safety and integrity of vehicle repairs."

Featured speakers will include:

• Jim Hood, Mississippi attorney general since 2004.

• John Mosley, Ray Gunder and John Eaves Jr., who have been leading a national effort to stop PartsTrader and also stop the "unjust enrichment of insurers on the backs of body shops and customers."

• Pat McGuire, a longtime, nationally recognized attorney advocating for collision repairers.

"In a time when manufacturers are trying to develop more sophisticated, more fuel efficient and safer vehicles, collision repairers and attorneys are alerting consumers that their right to a quality and safe vehicle repair is being compromised," said a representative of SAFECars. "Confusing insurance policy language and the cost control claims practices of most insurers are pressuring quality-driven collision repairers to insist that consumers demand the highest qualified expertise in determining what mandates are required to repair today’s damaged vehicles."


Added John Arthur Eaves Jr., managing partner of Eaves Law Firm, Jackson, Miss., "In today’s world, the collision repairer’s ability to complete a proper repair, despite insurer intrusiveness to control costs, is at startling proportions. We’re all beginning to realize in subtle, less obvious ways that the unprecedented advancements necessary to meet fuel efficiency mandates and vehicle safety requirements have come with a challenging tradeoff. It also means that the collision repair professionals entrusted to maintain a safe vehicle repair for their family and friends are pressured to make concessions with insurers that jeopardize the very people they’re trying to protect. It compels us to consider the actions and expense it takes to insure and repair these vehicles for the inevitable accidents that require heightened levels of training and equipment requirements to safely address these technological advancements."


More information:

Register online for the event

Contact Steve Lanza, Collision Repair Agency, at (330) 603-5239 or [email protected].


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