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SCRS Addresses Repairer Concerns on Shop Data Collection through PartsTrader

Association urges collision repairers to compare software program capabilities in order to prevent unwanted data collection by third-parties.


The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) has received a number of concerns relative to the collection of data through the ParsTrader program.

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As the program began to roll out across the nation, SCRS states that multiple end-users began to notice key identifying information from non-State Farm estimate files populating their PartsTrader dashboards. The repairer concern surrounds the amount of non-voluntary information being provided through the data collection process, which could offer valuable information surrounding market volume and shop volume, raising further concerns over the potential of violating agreements with non-involved carriers by sharing information with an unrelated third-party.
SCRS researched the issue with PartsTrader and each of the estimating system providers to identify the means and extent to which the data is being accessed and collected. The association also inquired if repair facility end-users have options to restrict non-required data from being collected, accessed or shared. As a result of that research, SCRS issued an article outlining the responses from each of the technology organizations. The statement concludes that:  
“Technology has increased the ability to communicate information amongst businesses; however, the increase of applications that indiscriminately extract data in the background for unknown or unintended purposes is a concern for repairers who have obligations to protect data generated by their business.


“There are advancements being made, or already in place, from some estimating system providers which allow collision repair facilities to maintain better control over the data files being exported from the estimating systems to other data collection sources.

“The solutions and options for each estimating system vary, so it is important to compare capabilities of the software programs relative to features that allow greater control over unwanted data transfer, and to make any necessary profile changes in line with individual business practices.” 

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