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SCRS Hosts Weekly BOT Demonstrations

During the 2019 SEMA Show, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists’ (SCRS) Blueprint Optimization Tool (BOT) was named best new product of 2020 for the Collision Repair and Refinish category. Since that recognition, SCRS and their development partners at NuGen IT, an OEC company, have initiated a weekly demonstration with the development team to let collision repair businesses see for themselves how the application works and helps to eliminate overlooked operations for a more complete repair plan.

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The weekly demo now allows interested parties to register in advance to attend the demonstration, which occurs every Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. EST. To secure your spot and receive reminders and updates on the demo session, click here. SCRS recommends registering 15 minutes before the live demo to receive your logon link.

“In short, we were missing a lot that we didn’t realize or intend to,” said Nick Barbera of Union Collision. “The BOT has helped us identify that, and I love how the procedures go right into the proper subheading of the estimate and are not just lumped at the bottom of the ‘Misc. Operations’. The best part is that we have had zero pushback from DRPs and non-DRP business alike.”


Added Augusto Carrillo-Perris of Speed Street Collision, “The BOT has been a great tool to assist with all the items that our techs are doing, that sometimes get missed in our paperwork. Write your damage analysis, and when you think you are done, run it through BOT and ensure you didn’t miss the operations required by the repair, for a more accurate blueprint, every time.”

For end-users looking for a more thorough analysis of how the BOT might work in their business, SCRS recently launched a free RDE session on Estimating Resources for Collision Repairers: “Integrating the BOT and DEG Into Your Repair Plan Process.” The session features Mike Anderson, who has been a vocal advocate within his circle of influence for the value derived from the BOT.


“SCRS has come up a solution to help collision repairers be the best they can be,” said Anderson. “That is why I as well as our entire team at Collision Advice all use the BOT Tool when working with our clients to help demonstrate where they may be missing opportunities to be more thorough in their repair plan and documentation of the repair process. The tool just works, and it’s just one more reason I’m appreciative of SCRS for making a difference.”

To learn more about the BOT, register for the weekly demo or secure your subscription today, visit


For more information about SCRS or to join as a member, visit, call (877) 841-0660 or email [email protected].

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