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SEM to Show ‘How to Repair Cars Faster’ at NACE | CARS

SEM’s booth will show how to reduce repair steps, waste, and time to decrease cycle time and increase throughput.


semSEM’s booth No. 342 at NACE | CARS Expo & Conference August 9-13 will show how to reduce repair steps, waste, and time with SEM to decrease cycle time and increase throughput.


1K & 2K Seam Sealers

PPX Reps will share how direct to metal, paintable immediately and OEM-recommended SEM seam sealers reduce repair time, waste, and steps by eliminating the need for primer and wait time to paint. SEM is the only company to have all 1k and 2k sealers in 4 OEM matched colors (gray, beige, black and white). 2K seam sealers are all covered by the Dual-Mix Forever Warranty, which covers parts and labor for life.

95 Percent of Panel Bonding & Plastic Repairs in 11 SKUs

SEM has produced 11 products to complete 95 percent of panel bonding and plastic repair jobs with. They’ve also conveniently placed them in a cabinet, along with 12 other products that are useful for seam sealing, corrosion protection and general body repair.


Reduce Labor up to 85 Percent

Get rid of the waiting on mixing paint, flash times, vacant paint booths, and the time to clean tools after each use by using SEM aerosols. SEM’s OEM Refinishing System uses four aerosol products to reduce labor up to 85 percent when refinishing inner support parts, rails, cut-ins and jambs. Use SEM Solve to prep, Ez Coat to match OEM e-coat, Factory Pack to match OEM basecoats, and 1K HS Clear to finish the job.

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