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Sherwin-Williams Introduces Hail Damage Repair Solution

The High Build Polyester Primer Surfacer HDR22 is an alternative to panel replacement and lets body shop owners keep the work in-house versus subletting to PDR technicians.


Sherwin-Williams announced it has introduced High Build Polyester Primer Surfacer HDR22, a turnkey solution for collision shops repairing cosmetic hail damage.

Body shop owners need a product to not only fix the dings and dents, but also to increase their revenue and productivity, with an alternative to panel replacement and/or Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes has the answer…the Hail Damage Repair Process.

The High Build Polyester Primer Surfacer HDR22 is an alternative to panel replacement and lets owners keep the work in-house versus subletting to PDR technicians and oftentimes giving up valuable space within the shop for the PDR work to be completed. Plus, the new Hail Damage Repair Process eliminates bottlenecks as there’s no downtime in waiting for parts delivery.

HDR22 is a fast drying polyester primer that has excellent filling and sanding characteristics. In just two to three coats – only five to 10 minutes flash in between coats – HDR22 can fill surface imperfections and small dents up to the size of a nickel. It’s ideal for collision, fleet and restoration locations nationwide.

“Hail storms never come with a warning, and the reparability of damage relies on size and frequency of dents,” says Bryan Draga, global marketing director, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes. “Sherwin-Williams provides an ideal solution to body shop owners when repairing hail damaged vehicles. HDR22 provides an alternative to panel replacement and PDR.”

Draga notes that the new product is much more efficient for the automotive repair industry and makes the most of Mother Nature. HDR22 gets the job done right the first time as the primer surfacer repairs hail dimples, as well as minor cosmetic dents. This will increase internal capacity, resulting in higher throughput.

Whether a shop is using a solvent or waterborne refinish system, HDR22 can help shops process more cars, meet the cycle time demands of insurance providers and increase revenue.

For more information about Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Hail Damage Repair Process, visit or call (800) 798-5872.

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