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Shop Reaching Out to Local Teens with Winter Driving Tips


As part of its community outreach program, King Collision Centers of Plymouth, Mass., is offering winter driving tips to high school students in conjunction with the Plymouth Police Department, Plymouth Public Schools and commerce insurance. Programs such as King Collision’s Plymouth Safe Driving campaign are a way for shops to both build a friendly relationship with community members and put the shop’s name on the minds of consumers.

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“Depending on the time of year you got your learner’s permit, there’s a good chance that many new drivers have not driven in snowy, inclement weather with a parent or instructor. That makes a big difference in how you approach navigating the roadways this time of year,” said Bruce King, owner of King Collision Centers. “But whether you’re a new driver or not, we all should be following these tips for safer winter driving.”
The safe driving tips King Collision is sharing include:
• Clear all snow and ice from your windows to avoid any obstructed views. The hood and roof of your vehicle should also be cleared to prevent wind-blown snow from obstructing other drivers’ views.


• Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you for stopping.

• Remember, the posted speed limits are set for dry pavements. So, if the driver ahead of you is going less than the posted speed limit, it’s for a good reason.

• Brake carefully. In snowy or icy conditions it will take longer for you to come to a stop so start braking sooner. Do not slam on the brakes.

• Be wary of bridge decks and exit ramps. Due to the different air exposure, bridge decks can often be more slippery than the regular roadway. Similarly, exit ramps typically do not get as much sand or salt as the main road and will probably be a bit more slippery. Proceed with caution.


• Be even more wary of trucks. Trucks and semis are heavier than the standard auto and take longer to stop. It’s best to let the truck pull out ahead of you rather than cut them off.

• Leave plenty of room for maintenance vehicles and look further ahead while driving than you usually do to help anticipate potential problems.
“The most important thing we want to get across to young drivers with this campaign is that speed kills, even more so during inclement weather,” said Gary Maestas, superintendent of Plymouth Public Schools. “By maintaining a cautious rate of speed and following these winter driving tips, all drivers can dramatically reduce the likelihood of an accident.”

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