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Snap-on Introduces Circuit Tester Kits

Technicians can now easily test electrical systems and circuit issues required in diagnostic evaluation.


Snap-on has introduced the MTTL550-KIT 18-piece Battery and Electrical Circuit Test Lead Kit and EECT449HD Circuit Tester 4-49 V DC Interchangeable Shanks.

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The 18-piece Battery and Electrical Circuit Test Lead Kit (MTTL550-KIT) can be used with Snap-on Digital Multimeters and the new EECT449HD circuit tester (both sold separately) to measure AC/DC voltage, current, ohms and more on vehicle electrical systems and circuits. Its specialty hook-style adapters fit both top- and side-mount battery terminals without having to remove the cables, saving valuable time on the job. Technicians can connect to the battery or reach the circuit contact locations from all angles with the 90-degree rigid back probes that provide access to small areas and the flexible back probes that can be inserted at any angle. Both the small and large battery post adapters easily slide on and stay in place while the heavy-duty clamps with flexible ends provide quick connections. It includes 68″ modular triple-connect test leads for non-intrusive testing that can be used as a dual end test lead or non-intrusive circuit insertion lead with a meter (CAT III 1,000-volt rating). This kit includes a convenient nylon roll-up pouch for safe storage.


With the Circuit Tester 4-49 V DC Interchangeable Shanks, technicians now have greater flexibility when detecting voltage, power, ground and circuit integrity on auto, truck, industrial vehicles, buses and 36 V rail cars with the Snap-on Digital Display Circuit Tester that features interchangeable shanks. The three thread-on compatible options include 6″ and 12″ stainless steel shanks, plus a 2″ banana jack receiver to reach into smaller, tighter spaces. The receiver can be used with non-intrusive interchangeable circuit tester adaptors such as those in the optional MTTL550-KIT. The tester’s patented Instinct Clear Handle is comfortable to hold in one hand while leaving the other hand free to jiggle wires, replace fuses or operate switches. The EECT449HD features a backlit, daylight readable LCD display that provides a “no-guess” voltage value of the circuit being measured, and LEDs light up to indicate “Green for Ground” or “Red for Power.”


For more information, contact your participating Snap-on franchisee or other representative, visit or call (877) 762-7664.

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