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STRANGE BUT TRUE: Apple Co-Founder is Body Shop Spokesman


Apple co-founder and gazillionaire Steve Wozniak – the bearded, roly-poly, one-time “Dancin’ with the Stars” contestant – sells more than just iPhones and computers…he’s also selling the services of Car West Auto Body.

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Apparently, Wozniak has a penchant for denting his fleet of Toyota Priuses and is a frequent client of the Danville, Calif.-based chain of six shops, reports. During one of his frequent shop visits, Car West asked Wozniak to star in a commercial, and he agreed – in exchange for a charitable donation.

In the corny TV spot, Wozniak – who the announcer calls a “computer genius, entrepreneur and pretty good dancer” – rolls into the parking lot of Stevens Creek Toyota, where he purchases his Priuses, on a Segway and proceeds to chat with a Car West employee.


“I buy all my Priuses at Stevens Creek Toyota for a great price,” Wozniak says.

“And when he dings them, at Car West Auto Body, we make them look nice,” the Car West employee whispers to the camera.

Mark Alexander of Larry Alexander ad agency, which produced the commercial, said the ad has generated a good response for Car West.

“[Car West] is having a fantastic reaction to it,” he told “All their customers are coming in and saying they’ve seen it.”

Advertisement says this isn’t Wozniak’s first turn in a commercial: In 1981, he starred in a TV spot for Datsun.

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