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STRANGE BUT TRUE: Body Shop’s Loaner Becomes Sinking Ship


A devoted dog owner in Port Huron, Mich., could be in hot water after losing a 1994 Buick loaned to him by a local body shop in some very icy water last Tuesday evening. Nathan Seely, 31, was driving up and down the frozen Black River looking for his missing dog, but things went south when he decided to park the car on the river.

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Seely locked himself out of the car while it was running, and heat from the Buick melted the ice, Port Huron’s Times Herald reported. Soon after, the loaner vehicle sank front-end first into the ice. A witness estimated Seely, who wasn’t injured, was driving between 40 and 50 mph on the river before the mishap.

“We watched it sink slowly to the bottom of the river,” the witness said of the ill-fated car.

Local police said it’s common for snowmobiles to get stuck in the river this time of year. It’s up to Seely to remove the sunken sedan from the water, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality noted.


“Obviously, he didn’t do this on purpose, so we’re not going to go run around and give him fines unless he doesn’t make an effort to [get the car out],” the spokesman told the Times Herald. “They just need to make every attempt to get it out as soon as possible, really in consideration of the fluids and everything else in the car that are going to start leaking.”

There was no word on whether Seely found his missing pooch. Click HERE to see a photo.

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