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STRANGE BUT TRUE: Dog Makes Police Cruiser Its Chew Toy


A Chattanooga, Tenn., dog wasn’t exactly taking a bite out of crime when it made a snack of a police cruiser’s tires and bumper.

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The Associated Press reported that while an officer was parked along a roadway filling out a report, his car began to shake, and he discovered one very determined dog chewing on the tires.

The office says the dog’s chewing spree didn’t stop with one set of tires – it also attacked two cars passing by the scene and a second police car. Pepper spray and a Taser targeted at the dog weren’t enough to deter it from its chewing mission.

By the time animal control officers captured the dog, it had chewed the front bumper from the first patrol car.

Police say the overzealous pooch and two canine compatriots escaped from a fence at a nearby welding shop, and the owners were cited.

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