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STRANGE BUT TRUE: Monaco Crash is a Million-Dollar Mess


What does it sound like when a Bentley, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Porsche get into a crash? Cash registers ringing. Recently, a five-car fender-bender in front of Monaco’s Place du Casino included all five of the luxury brands, and the cars involved were worth more than $1.1 million total, according to a report compiled by MSNBC.

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The banged up beauties were:
• Bentley Azure worth an estimated $400,000
• Mercedes S Class, $120,000
• Ferrari F430, $230,000
• Aston Martin Rapide, $230,000
• Porsche 911, $130,000

The Bentley was the instigator of the crash. According to MSNBC, It scraped the side of the Mercedes and then plowed into the Ferrari. Next, the Bentley ran into the Aston Martin and finally the Porsche. Hundreds of tourists rapidly descended upon the scene to gawk at the expensive mess.

The repair bill for the vehicles was estimated at around $160,000, MSNBC reported.

More information:

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