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STRANGE BUT TRUE: Raging Bull Makes Its Own Demolition Derby

Escaped bull charges motorcycle, Pontiac and two police cars during spree in Florida.


Roscoe, a bull from Alachua County, Fla., reportedly got bored in his pen on April 20 and decided to take a walk through the neighborhood. Unfortunately, to entertain himself, the bull decided to take on a Kawasaki motorcycle, Pontiac sedan and two police cars.

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The Gainesville Sun reported that a homeowner called police to complain the bull was loitering in his backyard around 10:30 a.m. While the man waited for Sheriff’s deputies to arrive, he saw the bull ram and lift his motorcycle, then charge at his Pontiac.

When deputies showed up, the bull charged them, and they immediately retreated to their patrol cars. The rowdy Roscoe then pushed on one officer’s car from the rear and then moved to the front of the car, where he gouged out the turn signal and lifted the car about 2 feet off the ground, according to the Sun. Next, the bull rammed the second patrol car with its head.


Like modern-day cowboys, the officers took control of the situation, using their patrol cars to corral unruly Roscoe and lead him home. The bull, walking between the two cars, was joined by its owner and an animal control officer, who walked the rest of the way with the animal.

A Sheriff’s office spokesperson told the newspaper that the deputies were wise to not use their Taser guns on the bull.

“After the six-second burst was over, he would have had no way of associating the pain from the Taser with the need to follow the deputies’ instructions,” he said. “He would have probably got up and been twice as mad.”


In all, damage to the four vehicles totaled less than $4,000, the Sun reported.

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