Stress at Your Auto Body Shop: This Too Shall Pass

Stress at Your Auto Body Shop: This Too Shall Pass

As winter gives way to spring here in Northeastern Ohio, it comforts me to know that whatever strife is going on in your business or personal life will not last forever.

This too shall pass. That thought came into my head the other day as spring approached in Northeastern Ohio. This is an exciting time, as the brutal cold and snow of winter gives way to the greening of the land, tulips and daffodils emerge and birds busily look for mates. Of course, we hearty Ohioans know that we’re not out of the woods yet and could endure yet another volley of the white stuff, maybe even on opening day of baseball.

This too shall pass: COVID has calmed down. I won’t say it’s completely disappeared, but at least it seems the pot is no longer boiling but merely simmering. Offices are opening back up, and the work-from-home crews are slowly filtering back onto the roadways and highways — good news for us.

This too shall pass: vehicle technology. Not so much! Don’t expect vehicle sophistication to slow down anytime soon as automakers continue their lightning path to lightweight materials, crash avoidance, and consumer comfort and convenience.

This too shall pass: Know that whatever strife is going on in your business or personal life will not last forever. Nothing does. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and with that in mind, the last two years have definitely steeled us against any other upcoming uppercuts or jabs.

How is your 2022 going so far? Drop me a line — I’d like to hear from you. Don’t let it pass too quickly because our time here is short.

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