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Study Finds That Fewer Young Adults are Driving

Fewer young people are on the road today due to the cost of cars, but those who drive expect more from their vehicles.


For many Millenials – commonly known as Generation Y – owning a car is becoming less of a priority, according to a recent article published on AOL Autos.

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While many believe that the younger generation’s 82 million members are simply "anti-driving," the reality is that to them, cars are less of a necessity and more of a luxury. The article cites the Great Recession as a culprit – more young people are postponing adulthood and moving back home to work menial jobs instead of landing careers right out of college.

Teens also display a lack of desire to drive. A study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute shows that the percentage of 16-year-olds with a driver’s license has dropped from 46 percent in 1983 to 31 percent in 2008.


"Now the cell phone is the gateway purchase into adulthood," said Sheryl Connelly, a futurist for Ford.

But for Gen Ys who are looking to get behind the wheel, they’re primarily concerned with three vehicle characteristics: compact size, sporty style and compatibility with technology. For example, both the Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus have recently received stylish makeovers and now include smartphone integration.

"[Millenials] have a very sophisticated eye, but they also want to know, ‘What else is the car going to do for me?’" said Connelly. "They’re really into the multifunction device; they don’t wear watches because they think of a single-function device as kind of a waste. So the car has to be more than just transportation: ‘What else is it doing for me other than getting me from point A to point B?’"


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