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SEM Introduces Structural Impact-Resistant Adhesive

Abbreviated as SIRA, the two-component, epoxy-based adhesive is designed for bonding structural and non-structural components where specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

SCRS Premieres Education Committee Video on Adhesives at January Meeting

The video highlights a discussion panel on the adhesive joining technology in modern vehicles.

Technical: Know Your Adhesives

Many people assume all adhesives work the same. In the repair industry, that’s a dangerous train of thought.

What Is the Difference Between Adhesives for Regular Metal and Aluminum?

Even though both steel and aluminum are in the metal family, they have some similarities and differences.

Meet Bonding Requirements with 3M’s Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive

3M Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive has adhesion to a wide variety of properly prepared automotive substrates including steel and aluminum.

Buy More Time with SEM’s Dual-Mix Quick Set Adhesive Line

Quick Set 180’s extended three-minute working time works for large repairs in hot climates, while still functioning as a fast-set adhesive.

Save Time and Money with Tube Tape

The foam core lets Tube Tape completely fill gaps, even around sharp corners. Plus, you don’t waste time scraping off adhesive, because it leaves no residue.

Technical: Plastic Repair

Since the cost of plastic repair equipment is relatively low, the return on investment is fairly quick. So take a look at adhesive plastic repair and plastic welding.

Easy Paint Touch-Up

AkzoNobel’s stickerfix offers body shop customers a quick, clean and easy method to touch up minor paint damage.

New Evercoat Adhesives and Sealants

Evercoat’s all-new adhesive and sealant product line is designed to simplify panel bonding, seam sealing and plastic repair.

Wheel Compound for Waterborne Finishes

Motor Guard’s stripe and decal remover, the E-4000S Stripe Eliminator System, has been reformulated for waterborne finishes.

Tape Promotion

While supplies last, the LORD Fusor double-sided OEM tapes promotional kit will be offered for $55.27, a 35 percent discount off the original price. Each kit contains one roll of the following:  LORD Fusor 160 (3-inch) clear, double-sided emblem/transfer tape used to replace foam emblems without removing the original foam; LORD Fusor 181 (1/2-inch) clear,