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Mask Better

Speed Wrap self-adhesive masking film is now being offered in convenient six-pack cartons. Use two-mil Speed Wrap as an efficient replacement for traditional masking paper. When applied to a clean, dry surface, the repositionable film remains in place for painting or baking and protects a vehicle interior during wet or dry sanding procedures. Call (888)

Induction Innovations Partners with Ace Tool

Induction’s MINI-DUCTOR will now be available through Ace Tool Company. The MINI-DUCTOR is a compact, affordable, hand-held induction heater that can heat many different mechanical components and hardware. Faster and safer than torches, it uses high frequency magnetic fields to instantly heat metal objects. It’s also great for hail dent removal. Call (800) 777-5910.

Repair Without Flames/Solvents

With a 1500W power rating, the 6650 Mag- netic Induction by OTC produces heat within metal in seconds without damaging nonmetallic objects such as glass, paint or plastic. Technicians can make vehicle parts removal/repairs without an open flame, and it reduces the need for solvents and harsh abrasives. .

Remove Adhesive-Bonded Parts with Ease

The Autotron induction heating system (110V or 220V) is a fast, flameless heat system for removal and installation of adhesive bonded auto parts such as encapsulated windows, SMC panels, body side moldings, OEM stripping tape and aftermarket lettering. Also, loosen and remove rusted nuts and bolts in seconds.

Remove Adhesives Easily

The Autotron is a fast, flameless electromagnetic heating system for removal and re-installation of automotive encapsulated glass, SMC panels, adhesively bonded side moldings, pin-striping and graphics. It can also be used for paintless dent repair and the thermal expansion of nuts and bolts.

Heat Aluminum or Steel

The INDUCTOR PRO MAX 4 commercial-grade induction heating tool with a two-year warranty can heat aluminum or steel. It also removes body caulking, seam sealers and hail dents. New “U-Series” attachments including: the Glass Blaster, which removes bonded glass, SMC panels, metal bond adhesives and sprayed-on bedliners; the Concentrator, which instantly heats nuts and bolts;