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Electric Vehicle Repair Safety, Part 1

Why it’s important to adhere to all recommended safety precautions when repairing electric vehicles.

The Reviews Are In: AirPro’s AUGGIE Leads a Calibration Revolution 

By Joel Gausten What a difference a year makes… In September 2021, AirPro Diagnostics appeared at the Texas Auto Body Trade Show to provide a hands-on demonstration of AUGGIE, a new wireless device designed to revolutionize the world of vehicle recalibrations. The system promised a new direction by rendering a scaled-down, digital version of required

Glass Doctor Chooses AirPro Diagnostics as Preferred Vendor

Several Glass Doctor locations were involved in successful field testing of the AirPro devices, more specifically the Auggie calibration device.

The Value Of 20 Groups in the Auto Body Industry

How could joining a 20 group help you?

Growing Your Auto Body Shop

Keys to growing your shop and expanding to multiple locations.

Paint Prep Fundamentals, Part 2

Paint prep fundamentals: sanding, cleaning, masking, priming, block sanding and blend panels.

Paint Prep Fundamentals, Part 1

Without proper paint prep, achieving an excellent paint job is likely not going to happen.

AirPro Diagnostics to Integrate with CCC Diagnostics

Through an integration with AirPro, collision repair users of CCC Diagnostics will soon be able to capture and document AirPro scan and calibration information in their CCC ONE workfiles.

Clearing Up the Confusion: Scanning vs. Calibration

Do you know the difference between scanning and calibration?

Why Are Repairers So Confused About Scanning & Calibration?

The information is out there, so why are collision repairers so perplexed about scanning and calibration?

Troubleshooting Vehicle Calibration Failures, Part 4

The environment in your shop could be the reason a calibration failed.

Troubleshooting Vehicle Calibration Failures, Part 3

Why it’s important to perform a wheel alignment prior to calibration.