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AirPro Diagnostics to Integrate with CCC Diagnostics

Through an integration with AirPro, collision repair users of CCC Diagnostics will soon be able to capture and document AirPro scan and calibration information in their CCC ONE workfiles.

Clearing Up the Confusion: Scanning vs. Calibration

Do you know the difference between scanning and calibration?

Why Are Repairers So Confused About Scanning & Calibration?

The information is out there, so why are collision repairers so perplexed about scanning and calibration?

Troubleshooting Vehicle Calibration Failures, Part 4

The environment in your shop could be the reason a calibration failed.

Troubleshooting Vehicle Calibration Failures, Part 3

Why it’s important to perform a wheel alignment prior to calibration.

Troubleshooting Vehicle Calibration Failures, Part 2

Pre-checks you should be performing prior to a calibration.

AirPro Diagnostics Launches Auggie DTS

With Auggie DTS, shops now have an alternative to traditional, cumbersome static targets and can perform calibrations anywhere on any surface, outside or inside.

What Are Non-Qualified Benefits?

Are non-qualified benefits the secret to retaining your most valued employees?

Blind Spot Detection and Cross Traffic Alert Systems

Are you familiar with ADAS blind spot detection and cross traffic alert systems?

Creating a P&L Statement, Part 2

What does cost of goods sold mean as it relates to a profit and loss statement?

Creating a P&L Statement, Part 1

Why is it important to create a clean profit and loss statement for your body shop?

Forward-Facing Innovation: Inside AUGGIE by AirPro Diagnostics

By Joel Gausten “HELP!!” This four-letter combination ranks among the most taboo words in the industry, although there’s no shame in needing assistance in this ever-evolving field. With everything from supply chain issues to simply paying utilities weighing on the minds of anyone who turns the key to a shop’s door each morning, being a