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AkzoNobel Named New Vendor of the Year by Advance Auto Parts

AkzoNobel received the award for showing the highest level of commitment to training, sales support, marketing support and advancing market share than any vendor in their product category in Advance history.

AkzoNobel Launches Connect Digital Tool

The API facilitates the exchange of data between AkzoNobel’s digital applications such as Carbeat and MIXIT.

AkzoNobel Hosts First Virtual North American Performance Group Meeting

Acoat Selected North American Performance Groups are aimed at enhancing the performance of the individuals and businesses represented through a mutually beneficial exchange of information, success stories and advice.

AkzoNobel Appoints New Leader of Automotive and Specialty Coatings in the Americas

AkzoNobel has announced the appointment of John Griffin to the position of regional commercial director for Automotive and Specialty Coatings in the Americas, effective Aug. 1, 2020.

AkzoNobel Weathering COVID-19 Storm

Segments related to automotive and aerospace industries continue to be more significantly impacted than others, the company stated.

AkzoNobel Announces New Sikkens Website for U.S. Market

The new website features a clean look and easy navigation to information about premium Sikkens products available in the U.S.

AkzoNobel Sustaining Operations During COVID-19

AkzoNobel is taking precautions to ensure the safety of its employees, while also serving customers.

AkzoNobel Launches Digital Report 2019

AkzoNobel announced it has launched its Digital Report 2019, which includes coverage of the company’s financial results and key business developments.

Streamlining Translucent Color Replication

Color is art. Color is science. Color is emotion. Color is complex. And to every person from the automaker to the auto owner, color is very important.

AkzoNobel to Supply Paint to Large Part of BMW Network

The BMW Group has chosen AkzoNobel to be a trusted supplier of vehicle refinish products and services to a large part of its distribution network around the world.

AkzoNobel Once Again Coats the McLaren Formula 1 Car

AkzoNobel announced that it has once again supplied the hi-tech coatings technology for the MCL35, McLaren Racing’s 2020 Formula 1 car.

AkzoNobel Celebrates 85th Anniversary of Wanda Refinish Brand

AkzoNobel announced it is celebrating the 85th anniversary of their Wanda vehicle refinishes brand, which started out as a local brand and grew to one that customers all over the world are now enjoying.