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How They Work: Spot Welders

When your business invests in a squeeze type resistance spot welder, you’re really investing in the ability to consistently produce a safe repair for your customer.

Technical: The Flip Side to Aluminum

Change is constant and will never stop or slow down. How we approach aluminum will be the difference between making it difficult or making it easy.

Spanesi Americas’ Complete Solution for Aluminum

Spanesi Americas offers clean containment rooms, MIG/MAG welders, riveters, dent repair equipment and more.

Extract and Insert Self-Piercing Rivets with Ease

Steck’s new SPR Extraction and Insertion Tools allow technicians to extract and insert self-piercing rivets without waiting in line for the expensive hydraulic tools to do this same process.

Improved Adhesion and Ease of Sanding

Evercoat’s Rage, Metal Glaze, Rage Ultra and Metal Glaze Ultra with EcoResin use the exclusive, patent-pending EcoResin for improved adhesion and ease of sanding.

Aluminum Hammer Kit

Dent Fix’s DF-AH714 Aluminum Hammer Kit features maintenance-free, solid aluminum heads that are perfect for working on aluminum-bodied vehicles because they prevent galvanic corrosion.

Aluminum Dent Pulling System

AMH says its CompuSpot aluminum dent pulling system, available separately as the model 181, on its own small cart as a 180, or as part of the 185 Alumatech Dent Reformation Center, can fit any budget.

Editor’s Notes: Getting Paid for Aluminum Repairs

How are body shops going to be compensated for aluminum repairs to justify the equipment and training costs? Simple. Know your cost of doing business and charge accordingly.

Isolation Station

Garmat USA’s AlumaSAFE 50 provides the isolation for welding or other aluminum repair processes.

Car and Driver: Ford to Limit Aluminum to Trucks For Now

Automaker will limit aluminum construction to the light-duty truck market, apparently because it doesn’t think it can profit from aluminum-intensive passenger cars.

Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive

Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive (IRSA) is designed for true structural bonding applications when specified by OEMs and recommended for weld-bonded and rivet-bonding joints.

Corrosion Protection for Aluminum

SprayMax’s 2K Wash Primer is one product of the SprayMax Aerosol Small Damage Repair System and provides exceptional corrosion protection on different metal surfaces – specifically aluminum – used by OEMs.