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Ford: ‘Substantial Variations’ in Aftermarket Hood, Bumper Brackets for F-150

In the wake of the John Eagle Collision Center verdict, Ford Motor Co. commissioned an independent test of two frequently replaced F-150 aftermarket crash parts to determine if they would meet the automaker’s “dimensional design specifications.”

There’s a Jeep in the Family

My brother bought a new 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara the other day, and I asked him if he knew what it was made of. What we found out was very interesting.

Aluminum Reintroduces Auto Body Industry to Training

If we’re not used to training yet, we’ll get there. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know.

How Aluminum Repair Has Changed the Auto Body Industry

As stubborn as this industry is to change, the F-150 forced us all to look to the future and change.

BodyShop Business 2017 Industry Profile: Aluminum Repair

Our 2017 Industry Profile survey indicates that 61 percent of you feel prepared to perform aluminum repairs.

Chief Heavy-Duty Rivet Gun Designed for Fast Repair of Steel and Aluminum Truck Cabs

The repair tool puts out 10 metric tons of compression force, which is plenty of power to install new rivets or press out existing rivets in the thick steel and aluminum in truck cabs, according to Chief.

BodyShop Business Industry Profile 2017: More Than Half of Shops Prepared for Aluminum

More than half of collision repairers (61 percent) who responded to the BodyShop Business 2017 Industry Profile survey said they feel prepared to perform aluminum repairs.

Dissecting Today’s Vehicles

With the advanced materials in today’s vehicles, looking up the OE procedures has become a necessity.

Ford Approves Chief PNP90 Rivet Gun for F-150 Collision Repair Program

Chief states that the PNP90 is the only rivet gun in the Ford F-150 Collision Repair Program that is pneumatically driven to provide maximum rivet consistency.

Is Your Collision Repair Facility Equipped for Aluminum Repair Demand?

With more aluminum vehicles on the road, the opportunity to perform repairs on this metal has increased substantially. What’s pulling into your lot these days? And are you prepared to service aluminum vehicles?

Latest “Who Pays for What” Survey Focuses on Refinish Labor Billing and Insurer Pay Practices

Current survey that shops are being asked to take focuses on two dozen “not-included” refinish-related operations, asking shops how frequently they’re paid for each of the operations by each of the eight largest auto insurers in the country.

Eurovac Inline Wet Mix Dust Collection Interceptor for Aluminum Repair

The Interceptor is designed for the retrofit of existing central vacuums, allowing the central vacuum system to now service your dust extraction needs in aluminum bays and the regular steel side of the operation.