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Collision Terminology: Good and Bad

I’ve often shuddered at collision industry jargon and buzzwords that often paint repairers as rough, crude and unsophisticated Neanderthals.

Can Insurers Combine Two Open Claims and State the Vehicle is a Total Loss?

In the state of New York, if a vehicle has two open claims, can an insurer combine both claims and state that the vehicle is a total loss?

How to Get Paid for Body Repair Materials

How do most collision repair facilities calculate body materials on a vehicle? Adhesive, drill bits, weld-through primer, etc. Are the insurance companies required by law to reimburse body shops for this additional cost?

Know the Laws that Govern Your Auto Body Business

As a business owner or manager in any industry, the first thing you should be aware of are the laws that govern your company and the possible penalties for violating those laws.

Who Are Collision Repairers’ Fiercest Competitors?

Regardless if you’re a small mom and pop, large independent, DRP shop or MSO/consolidator, it’s a good bet that your largest and fiercest competitors are the insurance companies.

How Can Collision Repair Shops Keep up with Advanced Vehicle Technology?

With all the new technology coming out in vehicles, how is a repairer to keep up with all the necessary training and acquire the necessary equipment and other related expenses at the current labor rate?

‘You’re Not Alone’: Advice for a Struggling Auto Body Shop

By sticking to some basic business philosophies, effectively managing customers’ expectations and doing a good job, repairers today can thrive … rather than merely survive.

When in Doubt … Sub It Out!

I have a repair where the responsible insurer has refused to provide for sublet charges, saying that they aren’t responsible if we can’t perform the function. How should I respond?

Should Collision Repairers Pursue OE Certification?

We believe OEM certification will become the standard in just a few short years, and only those who are making the investment and effort today will be prepared to accept the liabilities that are now beginning to be recognized and will surely grow in the future.

Is It a ‘Total Loss’ for You?

Our customer’s insurer said they were not going to take possession of a vehicle they deemed to be a total loss, they would not be paying our fees, and would be sending us the title. We don’t want the car; we want to be paid for our services. What can we do?

Determining Labor Rates for Aluminum

The collision repair industry needs to stop the funny times and begin to assess an hour for an hour at a true labor rate.

How and Why Do Insurers Total Vehicles?

We’re finding that insurers are totaling vehicles when the damages are as low as 40 to 50 percent of the vehicle’s pre-loss value. How and why do insurers do this, and what rights do consumers have when it comes to keeping their vehicles?