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Tweaked Laser Pointer Can Bring Self-Driving Car to a Halt

Scientist proves point that self-driving cars’ reliance on laser-ranging systems make them susceptible to hacking.

Regulators Moving Aside for Autonomous Vehicle Industry

Wanting to be part of a potentially lucrative market, California, Florida, Michigan and Nevada and the District of Columbia have created laws to make automated vehicles legal, while Virginia and Texas have swung their doors wide open.

Are Driverless Cars Safer Cars?

Wall Street Journal article states that industry officials are saying automotive executives touting self-driving cars should focus on the vehicles’ impact on safety.

Survey Finds 7 in 10 Insurers Unprepared for Potential Disruption from Autonomous Vehicles

Eighty-four percent of insurance executives don’t expect autonomous vehicles to have a significant impact on their business until 2025, while 42 percent expect a significant impact in six to 10 years.

Nissan Plans to Have Autonomous Vehicles on Road by 2020

Automaker has been working to develop this technology alongside teams from MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Tokyo.

Brandmotion to Participate in Mock City Designed for Autonomous Driving

Company joins 26 partner companies and the University of Michigan with a goal of having a viable autonomous network on the streets of southeast Michigan by 2021.

Automated Vehicle Technology: Threat Or Opportunity

Body shop owners are now wondering what the new automated vehicle technology will mean for them and their technicians.

First Driverless Car Hits Streets of England

Electric-powered LUTZ Pathfinder is able to travel up to 12 miles per hour and uses cameras, radar and sensors to avoid obstacles.

Consulting Group Says Self-Driving Vehicle Features Could Represent $42 Billion Market By 2025

Partially autonomous vehicles are likely to hit the roads in large numbers by 2017; one-fifth of U.S. drivers say they would pay more than $5,000 extra for features such as highway or urban autopilot.