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Auto Body Repair: The Cost of Doing Business

Accepting the payor’s explanation that a service you provide is “the cost of doing business” just may become the cost of you going out of business!

Insurer Negotiations: Don’t Keep Your Customers in the Dark

Consumers are all too often kept in the dark and made unaware of the ugliness of “negotiations” between repairers and insurers.

Vehicle Total Loss Settlement Practices: From Bad to Worse

One prime example of a bad situation that has gotten worse as far as containing claims costs is total loss settlement practices.

Collision Repair Expert: Brace Yourself For More Change

To succeed in this new world of mobility and smart technologies, repairers will have to adapt and change at unprecedented speed.

Lies and Deception: Defending Your Customers

Just because an insurer states something does not mean it’s true.

The New Normal: Full Recovery or Pricing Reset?

Collision repairers will continue to see their pricing affected as the new normal takes shape – and those who don’t react and respond in a timely manner will sustain losses they may never recover from.

Catching Up and Keeping Up with Pricing

Have your labor and material rates kept up with the consumer price index, inflation and the competitive landscape for collision repair and other similar industries?

Divide and Conquer: The Insurer’s Way

The tactic of “divide and conquer” is designed to weaken the enemy’s offense to a point where it becomes the enemy’s defense. Insurers use it against repairers all the time.

The Body Repair Industry Today: Not Your Father’s

Back in the day, repair estimates were short and sweet. Today, even a minor collision event may call for over 100 lines of repair-related entries.

Business in 2021: Seizing the Opportunity to Fly Your Kite

Some shop owners embraced the uncertainty of COVID-19 and seized the opportunity to take courageous steps to enhance and improve their business.

Estimate…Or True Opportunity For Repair?

If you feel the request for an estimate is a waste of time, you may need to modify your thinking and estimating practices.

A Conversation with an Insurance Claims Manager

A real conversation with an insurance claims manager reveals the plethora of misinformation out there regarding the claims/repair process.