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Who Are Collision Repairers’ Fiercest Competitors?

Regardless if you’re a small mom and pop, large independent, DRP shop or MSO/consolidator, it’s a good bet that your largest and fiercest competitors are the insurance companies.

Liability Coverage: Will It Be There When You Need It?

Perhaps the best way to answer the question, “Will my liability coverage be there when I need it?” is by first asking yourself what you know about insurance companies and the various coverage options available.

Why Can’t We Get Paid Mechanical Rates for Mechanical Operations?

What can we as technicians do to get paid for mechanical operations included in body operations? We seem to be at the mercy of collision programs influenced by insurance companies.

Scanning for Proper Collision Repair Planning

Scanning is one of the hottest topics in the collision repair industry today. I believe the best way to approach this subject is not from a repairer’s perspective but a post-repair inspector’s.

Employees: Is There a ‘Staff Infection’ in Your Auto Body Shop? – Part II

A company that treats their employees more like indentured servants than valued team members will likely have a higher turnover rate, more pilfering of its employees by competitors, lower production, more comebacks and more customer complaints.

Employees: Is There a ‘Staff Infection’ in Your Auto Body Shop?

The morale in my shop is terrible. We stay busy but I see complacency, poor attitudes, no dedication and lack of loyalty or even basic desire to see the company succeed, let alone prosper. What can I do?

Do Auto Body Shops Work for Consumers or Insurance Companies? – Part II

It’s important to understand the insurer’s limited role in the big picture of auto claims in order to fully know just who it is that collision repairers work for.

Do Auto Body Shops Work for Consumers or Insurance Companies?

Repairers often believe they’re repairing a consumer’s vehicle but being paid by the insurer. This mentality is not only wrong but can be extremely harmful – not only to the repairer, but also to the vehicle owner and the collision repair industry at-large.

Protecting Your Auto Body Shop from Liability

There are numerous things a repairer should do to protect themselves, their company and their employees … as well as their customers.

What to Do When an Insurance Company Sends the Vehicle Title Instead of Paying Your Body Shop

Insurance companies abandoning cars (and their responsibilities) has been going on ever since insurance companies were first formed. This practice is not only considered unethical, it may also violate most state laws and regulations governing insurance practices. But there is a simple and effective solution.

How Can Collision Repair Shops Keep up with Advanced Vehicle Technology?

With all the new technology coming out in vehicles, how is a repairer to keep up with all the necessary training and acquire the necessary equipment and other related expenses at the current labor rate?

What to Do When Insurance Carriers Paint You as the Bad Guy for Submitting a Supplement

If you can’t fight insurers legally, how do you combat their harmful and predatory practices?