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Auto Damage Experts’ Barrett Smith to Coach and Consult Three-C Body Shops

Three-C owner Bob Juniper says he has generated and continues to generate tens of thousands of dollars in profits by employing suggestions shared through Barrett’s email distribution lists.

Insurance Refusal to Pay Storage Fees

We paid the towing fees to bring a customer’s classic vehicle to our facility for restoration. The customer declined to go ahead with the job. The vehicle has been in our possession since Dec. 8, 2014, and the customer has failed to pick up the vehicle. What can we do?

All May Not Be Lost in Judge’s Dismissal of Florida Collision Repairers’ Lawsuits

Barrett Smith of Auto Damage Experts, Inc., discusses his thoughts on the news of Florida’s courts dismissing the multi-district lawsuit against insurers.

Another Party’s Negligence Caused My Rates to Go Up!

As a result of me making a claim through my own carrier, even though my wife was not at fault, I’ve been advised that we have lost our ‘Safe Driver’s Discount’ and will not be receiving the 25 percent annual discount we received for a period of the next three years. This doesn’t seem right. What can I do?

How Do I Get an Insurer to Pay for Proper Repairs?

The short answer is, you can’t make the insurance company do anything! Actually, the insurance company doesn’t owe your customer a single penny! Allow me to explain as briefly as possible.

What Can I Do to Get a Higher Labor Rate?

Labor rates in our area have been the same for the past five years or more, and when I asked the insurers for an increase, I was told that I couldn’t get one because I was being paid what everyone else in my area was being paid. I’m barely getting by, so what can I do?

Does a Lienholder’s Rights Take Precedent Over a Mechanic’s Lien?

Does a dealership where one of our customers bought her car have the right to repossess the car from us without paying the charges? We fixed the car and the owner spent the insurance money and defaulted on the loan.

What Are My Options When an Insurer Denies a Supplement?

When a customer returned a vehicle after complaining about a noise, we contacted the insurer and got a verbal “OK” to fix. But then the insurer denied it a week later, saying that it was prior damage. What are my options now that the vehicle is gone and I cannot charge the customer?

How Long Should I Wait to Call a Customer After Writing an Estimate?

After I write an estimate for a customer, how long should I wait to do a follow-up call?

Georgia Collision Industry Association to Host Barrett Smith at Sept. 25 Meeting

The Georgia Collision Industry Association (GCIA) has announced that Barrett Smith, founder and president of Auto Damage Experts Inc., will deliver a presentation at its fall meeting, scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 25 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Atlanta-Marietta. Titled “Changing Behaviors by Reducing Fears,” the presentation will offer attendees advice on how to change their

Is An Insurer Not Responsible For Satisfying a Fair Claim?

I recently had an adjuster tell me they don’t pay for blend time, and when I informed him this wasn’t true, an argument ensued. Is an insurer not responsible for satisfying a fair claim? Is there any such case law to support this?

How Do I Get An Insurer to Pay My Posted Labor Rate?

State Farm does not want to pay my labor rate of $48 per hour because it says our market rate is $45. What is the best angle to take to get the difference without burning any bridges with them?