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How Do You Determine Whether an Insurer or Shop Is Responsible for Fraud?

I recently conducted a post-repair inspection and found a quarter panel was repaired and not replaced, contrary to the “replace rear quarter” line on the estimate, by a GEICO shop. Did GEICO steal from the customer or did the shop?

What Are the Rules for Authorization of Repairs When It Comes to the Registered Owner?

A husband-wife team has been scamming California body shops. The husband drops the car off and authorizes repairs, but then the wife comes to pick up the car, claiming she didn’t authorize the repairs, and is given the car without charge. What are the rules for authorization of repairs when it comes to the registered owner?

How Do I Get an Insurer to Pay for Storage and Tow?

We have a car that is a total loss, but Mercury Insurance does not want to pay for the storage charges and the tow and is saying that we need to address this with the vehicle owner. What can I do?

Two-Party Checks

A new customer asked me to sign over the two-party check made out to us and them so they could keep the money. But to me, this is fraud. What’s your take on this?